Graphics Package

To use this package, isnsert the following line between the opening \documentclass line and the opening \begin{document} line:
The package works for producing embedded graphics. The graphics must be so called encapsulated postscript, usually a file with extension .eps

By including the package, the following commands are available:


The command inserts the content of the given graphics file at the point. In the second and third form, the values in the square brackets are the size of the picture; appropriate measures should be given. In the first form these are taken from the file itself. In the star form, the picture is clipped at the given box, in the other form the extra part of the picture overwrites the rest of the text.


This puts text into a box, and rotates it by angle degrees. The text can be an included graphics, too.


Text is scaled horizontally bye h-scale, vertically by v-scale. If the argument in square brackets is missing, the same factor applies in both directions. Giving a number bigger than 1 means enlarging. Thus \scalebox{2.0}{Big A} produces the text Big A at double size.


makes a mirror image across the horizontal base line. It is an abbreviation for \scalebox{-1][1]{text}.


Scale text so that the new width is h-len, the new height is v-len. If in either box the exclamation mark (!) is used, the other argument is used to determine the size, which is scaled appropriately.

As arguments, the words \height, width, \totalheight and \depth can be used as units of measure to denote the original size of the text.

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