Załoźce - Залізці
Little town in Zboriv district. Former name was Zalozce [spelled as "zalozhtse"] in Polish and Zalozhtsy in Russian.
Zaliztsi is situated in historic area of Eastern Galicia (Halychyna in Ukrainian). Maybe it is true about origins of Spanish province of Galicia or of Gallia (France) from the Celtic tribe of "Galls" but Galicia in Ukraine is merely a Latin name that originates from Ukrainian name for it Halychyna, which in its turn comes from city called Halych (Galic in Latin), capital of principality of Halych in medieval period. And the name of this town derives from Greek word for salt which is "hals" in Greek, since Halych was major exporter of salt in medieval Europe...Zaliztsi (this is correct modern spelling). Old Polish spelling for it was Zalozce (read as zalozhtse in Polish). It is a small town in north east part of Ternopil region in Western Ukraine, formerly part of Austrian empire during 1772 - 1918. It is located in Zborivskyy rayon (Zboriv district), on the banks of lake formed within river of Seret (a tributary of Dniester). Villages of Chystopady (in old Polish: Czystopady) and Reniv (in old Polish: Reniow) are situated nearby, along Zaliztsi lake. lake. Zaliztsi is known because of its castle from 16th century and Roman Catholic Church from 17th century, also bronze treasures discovered there... Modern population of Zaliztsi is Ukrainian (Ruthenian). Ruthenian (Rusyn in original) is old name for Ukrainian during Austrian times. Now term Rusyn is not used anymore in Eastern Galicia, everybody says Ukrainian (ukrayinets in original). Proper Austrians were ethnic Catholic Germans in Austrian empire (who lived mainly in what is today Austria and Czech republic), so to avoid confusion one should use terms Austrian Pole, Austrian Ukrainian (Ruthenian), Austrian Jews. During Austrian period, Zaliztsi had mixed population of Ukrainians (Ruthenians), Jews and Poles, few Germans lived there.

Map indicating Zaliztsi

Map of north west part of Ternopil region (Western Ukraine) indicating Zaliztsi on it

For more info on Zaliztsi, see:

Zaliztsi - history

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