Road table "PIDVYSOKE"

Small village in Berezhany district,
of Ternopil region (Ternopilska oblast)

in Western Ukraine (Ukraina - Ukrayina)
former USSR: 1939 - 1991, Austria: 1772 - 1918 and Poland: 1340 - 1772, 1920 - 1939

the heart of historic province of Galicia / Halychyna / Galicja / Galizien

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Me in Pidvysoke.

Me in Pidvysoke. January, 2000.

Road tables with inscriptions "Ternopilska oblast" and "Pidvysoke"

Above: Road tables with inscriptions "Ternopilska oblast" and "Pidvysoke". Two stone hands used to keep an Orden of Lenin, which was replaced with Trident (coat of arms of Ukraine) once the USSR and communist system collapsed. January, 2001.

Pidvysoke at night

View over Pidvysoke church and hill at night. January, 2001.

View over the valley of Pidvysoke village.

View over the church in Pidvysoke

View from Pidvysoke church and chapel over the opposite mountain covered with beach forests. January, 2001.

View from over the pasture mountain Lopushna mountain.

View from Lopushna mountain. The blue line are railway vagons which stand at Pidvysoke railway station.
January ,2001.

View over Pidvysoke lower part: Levandivka

View over upper Pidvysoke and the local Greek-Catholic church.
Newly restored on the place of a ruined (in Soviet period) Polish Catholic church.

Building at Pidvysoke Railway Station with inscription "PIDVYSOKE"

River Narayivka

River Narayivka / Narajivka (in Polish: Narajowka and in Russian: Naraevka /Narayevka) which flows through Pidvysoke.

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