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Coat of Arms of Ternopil City

Ternopil, also spelled Ternopol, formerly Tarnopol, city and administrative centre of Ternopil oblast (region) in Western Ukraine. It was part of Austrian Habsburg empire from 1772 until 1918 and it belonged to Poland before 1772. With the collapse of Austrain empire in 1918, it was part of short lived ZUNR (Western Ukrainian National republic). After heavy battles between Polish trrops and Ukrainian Galician Army troops, it was occupied by Poland in 1920. However it was part of Poland for less than 20 years only and in September 1939 it was taken by soviet troops and annexed to the USSR. It became part of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist republic (since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 - independent Ukraine). City has about 219.000 inhabitants (census 1991) and is situated on Seret river.


Dear Guest,
It is my pleasure to welcome you at my page devoted to city of Ternopil, which is the administrative centre of Ternopil province, in which I was born in 1975 in village Pidvysoke and where my hometown Berezhany is located (ab. 60 km south west from Ternopil).

On the photo: The main cvity square and Ternopil City Theater.

See also other photo of Ternopil Theater

I took these photos (above and below) in 2004 / '05 when visiting the city from Berezhany

On the picture above: Ternopil region administration, so called "White House".

Ternopil Greek-Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary
(former Dominican Church)

Taken by me in December 2005

Above: Ternopil Castle, 1954 (located at former Suvorova Street, 10)

Built in 1540. Since the time of its establishment it had been demolished and rebuilt many times. In the beginning of the 19 th century castle was reconstructure into a palace and because of that all its fortifications were removed then. In 1954 fundamental renovation was made. The existing building is the result of complex reconstruction of 19 th century, and includes ancient nucleous of defensive castle of 16 th century.

Above: Vozdvyzhenska (Ascension) Church in Ternopil (left).
and the interior inside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary (former Dominican Church) .

Above: Central square in Ternopil, theater on the back (left) and local supermarket "Rodyna" (family).

Above: Early winter morning in downtown Ternopil (left) and busy street (right) in December, 2005

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