My father,

Yevhen Bronislavovych Zakhariy.

My father in his childhood years in Pidvysoke....

My father (smaller boy, to the right) and his friend Petrukhiv

Picture above:
My father when he was a boy,
in his early years in Pidvysoke...
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Picture above:
1950 s...My father (to the right)
and his best childhood years friend
Petrukhiv (to the left) in Pidvysoke.
Petrukhiv became a geologist,
worked in Laos
and lives in Krasnodar
in Russia now. Click on picture
for full size

His first name is Eugene in English (Eugenio in Italian, Eugen in German, Eugeniusz in Polish) , though he is usually called Genyk. He was born on 2 nd of April, 1950 in village Trostyanets', where most of my family (from father's side) comes from. He was born 5 years after the Second World Soviet Union during Stalin times yet (Stalin died in two years later 1953). These were the years of establishing of Soviet rule in newly occupied south eastern Poland's Ukrainian lands, which were incorporated into USSR (Ukraine SSR) in 1939. His parents (my grandparents) lived then in Trostyanets' with my father's father's parents. Shortly after, his father Boronislav moved to village Pidvysoke to work at slime slaking plant there.

My father and his mother (my grandmother) in Pidvysoke in Soviet 1950 s

My father skiing in Pidvysoke in late 1950 s or early 60 s.

My father and his mother
Mykhaylyna Zakharii
(maiden surname Gawdyda),
my grandmother...
in 1950 s (USSR times)
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On picture above: My father skiing
in Pidvysoke, Soviet times,
late 1950 s - early 60 s
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There were more opportunities in Pidvysoke than in remote Trostyanets'. After having finished studying in Kiev Mining School, my grandfather became engineer at Pidvysoke plant. And after a few years of renting accommodation, he built his own house in Pidvysoke, where my father was brough up and later I grew up and where still my grandparents live and I come often to visit them there.

Wedding of parents in Lviv in 1973 during Soviet times

My father, in Berezhany, January, 2000

Picture above: wedding of my parents on
19 th of July, 1973 in Lviv (Lvov, then USSR),
where my mother comes from.
My grandparents are in upper row
(father's parents are to the right)
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Picture above:
My father at home in Berezhany
January, 2000...
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My father finished secondary school in Verkhnya Lypytsia and entered Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University in town Drohobych (Drogobych/Drohobycz) in Lviv region. He studied and graduated in Ukrainian Language and Literature (Ukrainian Philology). He got to know my mother Liuba there, who studied French philology there and on 19 th of July, 1973 they got married in Lviv (Lvov/Lwow), the city where my mother was born and comes from (and where I studied at the university and my grandparents live in). First years after the marriage they lived in Pidvysoke with father's parents. On November 3rd, 1974, my older brother Bohdan was born and a year later on 28 th of October, I was born. The winters in 1974 and 1975 were very cold and full of snow. My mother taught French at the Secondary School in Lypytsia, which is just a few kilometers from Pidvysoke. My father started working in Berezhany Agricultural Technicum (Technical School), where he taught Russian Language and Literature since there were no vacancies to teach Ukrainian. He was given a flat from the School in Berezhany, where our family moved to live there. Since then my family lives in Berezhany. My sister Oksana was born in June of 1978 and the youngest brother Taras was born in August of 1986. So we are his four children. Father still teaches at the the same college and mother is already retired, after many years of work at Berezhany Secondary School no 3, where I studied as well. My father is philatelist and used to collect Soviet and international stamps and has impressive philatelic collection, though now after the collapse of Soviet Union and Soviet economy with economic difficulties in Ukraine he does not buy stamps anymore.

My father's life interrupted suddenly and he passed away into eternity in the night of the 2nd of February, 2004.

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