Berezhans'kyj Sklozavod

in town Berezhany, Ternopil region, West Ukraine

BEREZHANY GLASSWORKS PLANT (Berezhans'kyj Sklozavod)

Leading and one of the largest glassware plants in Ukraine. Dominates the glassware market in West Ukraine and Ukraine in general and produces glassware for internal Ukrainian market as well as exports to amny countries abroad. It produces beer glasses for instance for Obolon for instance, the leading beer producer in Ukraine. It was founded in 1961 during Soviet times because of the large deposits of sand in Berezhany area and turned to be one of the largest glassware plants in Ukraine producing 20 tons of glassware daily. The plant is a public stock company.

Products: glassware - glasses, vases, wineglasses, beer glasses, bowls, fruit bowls, ashtrays, candleholders, stemware, artware, dome lamps, domestic glassware, artware, barware/restaurant, decanters, drinking glasses, giftware, jugs, mugs, ornamental glassware, stemware, tableware, tumblers, soda lime, handmade glassware, technical & industrial glassware, lighting glassware etc.
Annual turnover: US$ 3.06 million
Number of employees: 1,237
Tons/day (total): 20
Address: Lepkykh street 33, Berezhany 47501, Ternopil region, Ukraine
Fax: +380 3548 22478
President (Mrs Halyna Vydoynyk), tel.: +380 3548 21253
Secretary, tel.: +380 3548 22508
Main engenner, tel.: +380 3548 21753
Accountants office, tel.: +380 3548 21503
Main technologist, tel.: +380 3548 21592
Main energy manager, tel.: +380 3548 22452
Main mechanic specialist, tel.: +380 3548 22482
Dispatcher, tel.: +380 3548 22478
Labour and work department, tel.: +380 3548 22344
Planning and marketing department, tel.: +380 3548 21592
Department of technical control, tel.: +380 3548 21662
Supplies and procurement department, tel.: +380 3548 21322
Sales department, tel.: +380 3548 2166
Personnel department, tel.: +380 3548 21656
Laboratory of control and measuring equipment, tel.: +380 3548 21584
Production hall no. 1, tel.: +380 3548 21586
Production hall no. 2, tel.: +380 3548 21654
Warehouse, tel.: +380 3548 21654
Cafeteria, tel.: +380 3548 21582
Heating system section, tel.: +380 3548 21584
Plant entrance gate and guards, tel.: +380 3548 21318

See also: Berezhany Glassworks Plant, by Glass Online (*country code at telephone and fax numbers at that page are wrong, it should be 380 instead of 38)


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