Berezhany Photo Gallery : Page 3 of 4 Town in Ternopil region of West Ukraine

Column decoration at church wall Column decoration on the wall of the Holy Trinity Church in Berezhany Upper part of Berezhany bank building Upper part of Berezhany Bank building. January, 2001
Memorial to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Memorial to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) at Berezhany Town Cemetery Memorial to the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen of First World War at Lysonia hill by Berezhany Memorial to the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen of 1 st World War at Lysonia battle field by Berezhany.
Side wall of Berezhany Castle Side wall with bastion of Berezhany castle. January, 2001 Akademichna street in Berezhany Akademichna street in central part of the town
Farny Roman Catholic Church from 1600 s The Farny Roman Catholic Church, from the 1600 s. Courtyard of Berezhany Castle. Reconstruction. Courtyard of Berezhany Castle as it was. Reconustruction at Berezhany historical museum
Berezhany Clock Tower. Town Hall. Berezhany Clock Tower. Town Hall. During the Soviet times a red star was on the very top of this tower. Nowadays it is replace with archangel Michael on a horse and hiting the down laying dragon with spear Ruins of Berezhany Synagogue Ruins of Berezhany Synagouge. January, 2001
My brother Bohdan, in front of Roman Catholic Church Picture on of the central downtown streets in Berezhany, with my older brother Bohdan Zakharii (born in 1974) on the front and Berezhany Roman Catholic gothic-style Church, which was built in fortress style with protection walls. On the left, one of state supermarkets located in the old Austrain building and on the right Soviet built building, where barber's shops, photo salon and some textile works are located . Lenin monument in Berezhany in Soviet times, now removed Lenin monument in Berezhany in Soviet times. It was removed in early 1990 s after the collapse of Soviet Union.
Church wall with decorations. Downtown in Berezhany. Wall with decorations of St. Trinity Church in Berezhany. January, 2001 Berezhany Castle. Reconstruction. View over Berezhany Castle. Reconstruction at Berezhany historical museum. January, 2001

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