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Angels decoration on the wall of Holy Trinity Churrch in Berezhany downtown

Above at the picture: Angels decorations at Berezhany St. Trinity Church. January, 2001

Berezhany (former Polish Brzezany) is a small town in Western Ukraine which was part of the USSR in 1939-1991. During 1350-1772 and 1919-1939 it was part of Poland and 1772-1918  of Austria.
BASIC TOWN  INFO: Berezhany  is located in Ternopil region (oblast), about 90 km south-east from
Lviv/Lwow/Lemberg in Western part of Ukraine, in the valley of Zolota Lypa (Golden Lime tree) river.
Berezhany is administrative center of Berezhany district with about 19.000 inhabitants, mostly Galician Ukrainains (10.000 in 1939, among them there were 400 Galician Ukrainians/Ruthenians, 6.600 Poles and 3.000 Jews, most of whom were shot by Germans at the Holocaust time and are burried in mass grave at the large Jewish cemetery of Berezhany). Famous Berezhany castle of Seniawski magnate family,former Armenian colony and church. Major glassworks plant, brickworks factories, large deposits of limestones
and sands in the area.
Berezhany is my hometown (Roman Zakharii, website's author).
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Centre of Berezhany in autumn Central "Rynok" (Market) square. October, 1999 . This is the main square of Berezhany. Eagles decorations at bank building im Berezhany Eagles decorations at bank building in Berezhany. January, 2001.
Centre of Berezhany in winter The same square as above but in winter 1999/00 (Picture taken by me January 2000) Sculptures of Atlants on the Telegraph Building in Berezhany Sculptures of the Atlants at the Telegrpah building in Berezhany
Villa in Berezhany downtown Villa in Berezhany downtown. Now the building hosts Military Administration. House of Anriy Chaykosvkyy, Ukrainian writer from the turn of the century House of Andriy Chaykovskyy (Ukrainian writer), where Ivan Franko stopped.
Bastion of Berezhany Castle Bastion of the castle in Berezhany. Picture taken by me in January, 2001 Gates of Berezhany Castle Gates of Berezhany Castle. January, 2001
Evening view of one of Berezhany streets, next to the Holy Trinity Church Night view of downtown street in Berezhany (next to the Holy Trinity Church) Holy Trinity Church in Berezhany and St Mary monument Holy Trinity Church in Berezhany and St. Mary monument in front of it.
Berezhany castle Sieniawski Castle in Berezhany, masterpiece of defence architetechture in Ukraine. castle courtyard view View of the courtyard of the same castle.
Window of Berezhany Synagogue Window of Berezhany Synagogue with decorations below it. Armenian Church in Berezhany Armenian Church in Berezhany, built in 1764. Now a ruin.



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Berezhany Coat of Arms


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