Town in western part of Ukraine, in the historic area of Halychyna (Galicia). Formerly it was part of Poland (1375 - 1772 and 1919 - 1939) Austrian empire (1772 - 1918) and USSR (1944 - 1991). Old Polish and Austrian period name: PRZEMYSLANY. Name is often transliterated as Peremyshlany, Peremyslany, Peremyshliany, Peremyshlani. It is a district (rayon) center and numbers ab. 10.000 inhabitants. Distance to major city of Lviv is about 40 km.





Posted on: Saturday, December 1, 2001


Here's a sampling of recent photos taken by me in Peremyshlyany this month. Click the image for a full view.

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Main street in Peremyshlyany.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Old houses from pre war period.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Park in the center of the town with a few wooden sculptures. Hardly seen church on the hill on the back.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Ukrainian Orthodox Church, along Halytska street. Crosses with triple crossings are typical for Orthodox church.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Other newly built Ukrainian Orthodox chapel on other side of the road from the previous one. Monument to St. Mary on the front.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

One of the old buildings in the center of the town. I found it really nice with those arcs and whimsical style. I presume it dates from the Austrian period (before 1918)

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Houses along Halytska (Galician) street. Lime trees are planted along the road. Trees are usually painted with slaked limestone from the bottom in public areas and gardens in Ukraine.

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

Local police building. So called "militsiya" in Soviet era terminology. Ukrainian yellow blue flaf waving from the balcony. I was a bit afraid to take picture of this, since some policeman could ask "Hey what are you doing? A spy?":) But luckily no one noticed:)

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

The same Halytska street in the center of Peremyshlany. Table on the right has "Rynok" (market) written to on it with arrow indicating to the right. So as you guessed, local market is to the right."

Picture taken by me • Early November, 2001

At the Jewish Cemetery in Peremyshlyany, near the ohel (grave chapel) of Jewish tsaddik and Hassidic rabbi Maer Peremyshlaner and his family. He was so hole that four virgins carried him when he died to burry. I am second from the right, my friend Slavik or Yaroslav Kolomiychenko - last to the left, my older brother Bohdan - the last to the right and second from the left is my English friend John, whom we went to show around Western Ukraine.

Picture taken by a local caretaker of the chapel (ohel), whom we asked to do a favour• October, 1999



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