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Ukrainian/Russian/Bulgarian: 3axariu [Zakhariy]/Zakhariy/Zakharii
Hebrew: Zakhariyahu
Georgian: ZakhariPolish: ZachariaszFinnish: ZakkariaOld Greek, Modern Greek: Zaxarias [Zakarias]Hungarian: ZakariasEnglish: Zechariah Lithuanian:Zacharas

Roman... a popular Ukrainian and Polish name, which you can also meet in Russian, German, Slovak and other languages. Please don't confuse it with the French and Russian names for novell, which is "roman" too.
The name means "the one coming from Rome: Roman"
Ukrainian variations of this name are: Romko, Romchyk, Romane! (vocative), Roma (Roma is Russian spoken form for "Roman")
Polish variations: Roman, Romus, Romek, Romcio, Romcunio


Zakharii is my last name, a surname.
It is quite unique surname and early Christian name coming from the Bible
Hebrew names Zechariah (Zechriah, Old Testament Prophet; Zechriah, Israel's High Priest, father of John the Baptist)
It comes from Old Hebrew and means "God (Yahveh) reminds, remembers",
from two Hebrew words merged in one: "Zokher" - remembers (lizkor - to remember) and Yahveh (Yahu, Yehovah) - God. Its The full Hebrew form of is Zakhariyahu.
 The name can be translated in every language of Christian, Moslem and Jewish peoples, who use the Old Testament/Bible Names thus. The name is popular nad distributed in Bulgaria (Zakhariy), Georgia (Zakhari), Coptic Egypt (Zakhary).
It was a popular name in Byzantine times and early Christian times among Byzantine peoples.


Ukrainian/Russian/Bulgarian: Zakhariy/Zakharii
Hebrew: Zakhariyahu
Georgian: Zakhari
There was an outstanding Gergian Composer with this name: Zakhari Paliashvili.
 Zakhari Paliashvili (1871-1933): Outstanding Georgian composer and public figure. One of founders of represemntatives of Georgian classical music. Born in Kutaisi. Graduated from Tbilisi Music College in 1899, then entered in Moscow Conservatoire, studied in class of Taneev. From 1903 worked in Tbilisias music teacher and conductor, composer and folklorist. Teached at the Music College and school. In 1908-1917 - manager of Georgian Phylarmonic society. Professor , later Director of Georgian Conservatoire. Paliashvili has published colletion of Georgian national songs. The operas "Abesalom and Eteri" and "Daisi" has been written by him at the basis of national tales. They have an outstanding meaning for Georgian musical art. In the creative work of Paliashvili are generalizated musical features of various Georgian local types of folk songs and dances. Every  season  in  Georgian Opera and Ballet House named after Zakhari Paliashvili begins with his beautiful opera "Abesalom and Eteri".
Polish: Zachariasz
Finnish: Zakkaria
Old Greek, Modern Greek: Zakarias
Hungarian: Zakarias
English: Zechariah
"Zacharas is a Lithuanian surname derived from a biblical Hebrew given name Zachary which means ‘the memory of the Lord’. The Polish form of Zachary is Zachariasz. The Ukrainian forms of Zachary are 3axap, 3axapiu [Zakhar, Zakhariy]. Zakharii is a Russianization of Zachary. Zakharka and Zachare are diminutives of the Russian given name Zakharii. Other Lithuanian surnames descending from Zachary include: Zacharauskas, Zacharavicius,
Zacharciukas, Zacharevicius, Zacharevskas, Zacharijaitis, Zacharjatas, Zacharka,
Zacharovas, Zacharzduskas, Zachazauska, and Zachazevskis. The Polish surname
Zacharzewski may have had some influence on the derivation of Zacharas and other Lithuanian
surname cognates (particularly Zacharevskas) as well."

definition of the name on Kaballistic numeric calculations:

Your name of Zakharii gives you the ability to understand people and to merge conflicting
viewpoints to create harmony in association. You dislike facing issues or witnessing hurt feelings.
You make friends easily but must guard against becoming involved in the affairs of others or being
too easily led. You could do well working with the public giving advice, where you can use your
skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or required to carry
responsibility and make decisions. You find it difficult to make snap decisions and to occupy a
leadership position as you lack self-confidence. You dislike heavy manual work; as well, you are
inclined to put plans off until forced to take action. You find it difficult to be systematic in business
and you dislike budgeting. Without the encouragement of others, you lack the energy, confidence, or
initiative required to bring an idea to fruition. This name creates weaknesses in the fluids of the body,
kidneys, or glandular system.
         Zakharii, this brief analysis of your first name is not complete. There are many additional factors
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