Small town in Ternopil region of West Ukraine

Maps are in Ukrainian, you have to learn to read Ukrainian letters
if you wish to read the street names on the maps! It is quite simple.

General map of Berezhany town

Above: General view of Berezhany (without suburbs)
Click the map above for detailed view and browsing.

*blue part is Berezhany Lake and two blue lines from it are Zolota Lypa river.
Berezhany Castle is located on green part (castle park)
of the island between two flows of Zolota Lypa, south from the lake.
It is marked with red cross.

MAPS SCALE: Berezhany city area streches within up to 10 km from East to West
with about the same distance from south to north


(in Ukrainian)

Click to choose the map of Berezhany town areas:

CENTRE: Downtown and central Rynok square
CENTRE: Area around Berezhany Town Cemetery
WEST: Rohatynska street (road to Rohatyn town) and Tsehelnyj area
WEST: Rayivska street (Raj). Detailed view.
FAR WEST: Suburbian village area of Raj (Ray). General view.
FAR WEST: Suburbian village Lisnyky
FAR SOUTH WEST: Vilkhovetska street (road to Vilkhovets village)
EAST: Ternopilska Street (road to Ternopil city)
EAST: Khatky area: Lesi Ukrayinky street. Road to Pidhaytsi town.
EAST: Khatky area: Monastyrskoho street. Railway and Bus stations.
NORTH WEST: Storozhyska mountain area
NORTH: Berezhany lake area
NORTH: Lvivska Street (road to Lviv city) and its area
SOUTH WEST: Lepkykh street (my family house is at this street!)
NORTH EAST: Mikron plant & Zolochivska street (road to Zolochiv town)
SOUTH: Ruryska area
SOUTH: Southern part of Berezhany (Adamivka district)
EXTREME SOUTH: Tychyny street and Posukhiv direction

Following streets are marked
by numbers on the maps:

1. Brayilka; 2. Yaroslava Halana; 3. Bankova; 4. Adama Mickiewycza;
5. Stare Misto; 6. Danyla Halyts'koho

Sign remarks on the maps:
(table explanation in Ukrainian and below I translated it into English)

Map signs

trident - state institutions house - hotels
yellow triangle - churches red star - historical monuments
open book - educational institutions two cherries - trade markets
square like book - libraries bus - bus station
flower - kindergatens cross - cemeteries
hut - palaces of culture train - railway station
red cross in circle - medical institutions black digit - street remark

Digit in red circle- company location on the maps.
See companies (English translation below):

List of Berezhany compaies, their telephone and fax numbers
Below: Translation
(look for company numbers on the maps)

1. Administration of brickworks plants 12. Veres Ltd (petrol, oil)
2. Berezhany Glassware Plant 13. Prykarpattia Ltd (tailor services)
3. State enterprise "Komunalnyk" 14 Berezhany Bread Plant (bakery)
4. Berezhany Fruit Processing Cannery 15. Savings Bank of Ukraine
5. Rajagrobud (district agric. building works) 16. Mirror factory (glass, mirror cutting)
6. Halnaftokhim. Berezhany branch 17. ABC shop (products for family)
7. Netishyn - Car service. Berezahny branch 18. Berezhany Butter and Milk Plant
8. Konica Express (photo) 19. Berezhany Forestry Enterprise
8. Cafe "Zakarpattia" 20. Berezhany Furniture Factory
9. Oriyent - Audyt Ltd (Auditing, cunsulting) 21. Berezhany Macaroni Factory
10. AT Art (household items, linoleum, pots.) 22. JSC Mikron (radioelectronics)

(for more detailed info on companies please refer to BEREZHANY YELLOW PAGES

Me in village Pidvysoke by Berezhany, near my grandparents' house, where I grew up Copyrights@2001-2020
All copyrights reserved!
Page created by
Roman Zakharii from Berezhany
on 02.02.2001 in Oslo, Norway
(where I had been studieng and working in the last years).
Updated in Aug., 2013 in Iceland.

Based on Berzehany map,
published by "Rexam Gold World"
which I bought in Berezhany
in January, 2001.

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