Berezhans'ka Makaronna Fabryka

in town Berezhany, Ternopil region, West Ukraine

Berezhany Macaroni Factory is located in Berezhany, the center of Western Ukraine. The sales geography covers all Western Ukraine. The company occupies a specific market niche and has a promoted brand. The production of company is of great demand, which the company is unable to satisfy. The management is looking for a partner willing to start a joint venture (51% will be offered to the partner) in order to install some additional equipment with the purpose of production volumes and assortment increase. The management can buy the equipment in question under certain stipulations. If you are interested please find enclosed the Company Profile of Berezhany Macaroni Factory. If your interest still is not satisfied, please contact of West Ukrainian Management Consulting or the factory management directly below.

  • Products: macaroni, pasta etc.

  • Address: Ternopilska street 21, Berezhany 47501, Ternopil region, Ukraine

  • Main engineer, tel.: +380 3548 21012

  • Accountant office, tel.: +380 3548 21012

  • Planning and marketing department, tel.: +380 3548 22434

  • Heating controller, tel.: +380 3548 22434

  • Entrance and guards: tel.: +380 3548 22434


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