Lviv (Polish name: Lwow ; Austrian name was Lemberg; Russian name: Lvov) City how it was during Soviet rule...(from 1939 until 1991 when the USSR collapsed and Ukraine became independent. Lviv is major city in Western Ukraine and has 700.000 inhabitants. Before 1939 Lviv was part of Poland and before 1918 it was part of Austrian empire)

Mickiewicz square in the center of Lviv in 1970

Above: Part of Mickiewicz Square in Lviv, 1970. Soviet post card from my home collection. Click to enlarge.

Shevchenko Boulevard in Lviv in 1970.

Above: View over the boulevard of Shevchenko in Lviv. Soviet post card, 1970, from my home collection. Click to enlarge.

Monument to Lenin in Lviv, 1970. Now demolished.

Above: Monument to Lenin in Lviv, 1970. Soviet post card from my home collection. Now monument is demolished. Click to enlarge.

Me in village Pidvysoke by Berezhany, near my grandparents' house, where I grew up Copyrights@2001-2005
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Picture to the right: me in Pidvysoke,
next to my grandparents' house.
Click on it for larger view

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