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K o z o v a
a small town, in Ternopil region of western Ukraine

View over Kozova lake (formed from the flow of Koropets river)

Above at the picture: Kozova pond formed by Koropets (Koropiec) which flows through the town.
You can see two churches in the center of the town on the back.
Pond is place of fishing for local “Kozova's hobby fishermen”. A few private ducks roaming around.

Kozova - is a small town in western Ukraine (in hostoric land of Halychyna / Galicia / Galicja / Galizien / Galizia) which was part of the USSR in 1939-1991. During 1350-1772 and 1919-1939 it was part of Poland and during 1772-1918  of Austria. Other possible transliteration into English: Kosova. Kosowa in German, Cosova in Italian.
in Polish (Polish name KOZOWA was used before 1939)


BASIC TOWN  INFO Kozova is located in Ternopil region (oblast), about 100 km south-east from
Lviv/Lwow/Lemberg in western part of Ukraine, in the valley of Koropets (“little carp”) river. Distance to main regional city of Ternopil is ab. 50 km and to my hometown Berezhany it is 16 km from Kozova.
Kozova is administrative center of Kozova district ("rayon" in Ukrainian) with about 5.000 inhabitants (in town itself), mostly local Galician Ukrainians. There were also about 5.000 people in 1939 in Kozova, including many Poles and Jews living there, not now though, since ab. 1.000 Jews from Kozova were deported to Belzec death camp on Sept 21, 1942. Later other 1.000 Kozova Jews were shot by Germans in April 1943. And in June 1943, 400 more Jews were executed by Nazis at the Holocaust time. All are burried in mass grave in Kozova. So now the remaining population is exclusively Ukrainian. Few Poles, Jews and Russians are also, but these one can count by fingers in Kozova today.

There are few nice churches (Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox) in Kozova, beautiful lake, old town cemetery (where I saw even the grave of one Polish nobleman – owner of village Helenkiv / Helenkow near Kozova). Kozova is located at 4926'/2509'. Telephone code for Kozova and Kozova district is 3547 (if you dial from abroad you should dial the prefix +380. If you dial within Ukraine Kozova code is 0247 + number). Kozova Dairy is major enterprise (butter plant, processes 50 tons!! of milk per day). AGRO Ltd. from Lviv holds majority positions in Kozova Dairy. There is presumption that name Kozova comes from Ukrainian word “koza” (goat). But there are other suggestions as well...Kozova is located is 16 km away from my hometown of Berezhany and last I visited Kozova was three weeks ago to take a few photos which I present below. (Roman Zakharii, website's author). Feel free to e-mail me at: zaxaria@gmail.com

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge and see them in full size.

Main square and town hall (central building on the back)

Central town square. Early November, 2001 . This is the main square of Kozova. Town hall on the back (with Ukarinian coat of arms – trident on it). Photo taken by me in Nov., 2001

View from the central town square (new church on the back)

View from the main town square. Newly built church and bellfry are seen on the back. Photo taken by me in Nov., 2001

Old Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kozova

Ukarinian Greek-Catholic church. A walk from the center. November 2001. Photo taken by me in Nov., 2001.

Church Bellfry in village of Konyukhy north of Kozova

Bellfry of Holy Spirit Church in village of Konyukhy Kozova district. I scanned this from "Pamyatniki Arkhitektury Ukrainskoi SSR."

View over Kozova from the highest building

The same square as above but from other angle with monument to Taras Shevchenko (classical Ukrainian writer and poet) in the center. Kozova Arts School (Khudozhnya Shkola) on the back. Photo taken by me in Nov., 2001.

Holy Spirit church in village of Konyukhy

Holy Spirit Church in village of Konyukhy in Kozova district (Kozivskyi rayon). I scanned this from Pamyatniki Arkhitektury Ukrainsoi SSR.

View over Kozova from the highest building

View over Kozova from the highest building. Courtesy of Marianna Gostra, who studied in Kozova and comes from neabry.

View over Kozova downtown

View over Kozova from the highest building. Courtesy of Marianna Gostra.

Larger view of lake in Kozova

Larger view of Koropets river lake in Kozova. November 2002. Photo taken by me in Nov., 2001.

Old post card from Kozowa (in Polish)

Pre war post card from Kozowa (in Polish). General view. Market square (Rynek / Rynok) and Kozowa Credit Society House (up right).

Map of Kozova area and surrounding districts (Berezhany and Rohatyn)

Map of Kozova and surrounding area (districts of Berezhany and Rohatyn). Click to enlarge. Scale 1:750 000 if enlarged. Scanned from my detailed map of Ukraine.

Kozova district - map

Map of Kozova rayon (district). Scale: 1:750 000. Distances between villages are marked with blue digits. Scanned from my detailed Marco Polo map of Ukraine.



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Villages in Kozova district include:

VIVSIA, Ovsie, Owsie

Population in 1900: 1320 (64 Jews). Population in 1939: 1690 (20 Jews) The village is located near Kozova eastward from Berezhany, presently in Kozova district, which used to be part of Berezhany powiat (district in Polish) before the war...

ZOLOTA SLOBODA, Zolotaya Sloboda, Sloboda Zlota

Present-day Kozova District (formerly beloged to Berezhany District) of Ternopil region
Population in 1900: 2031 (incl. 192 Jews). Population in 1939: 2570 (incl. 50 Jews)

Other villages in Kozova district include:
On the basis of new topographical map of Ternopil region published in Ukrainian in 1990 s
Names are given in Ukrainian (Polish / Russian):

Avhustivka, Awhustiwka, Avgustivka ( Augustowka / Awgustowka / Avgustovka) - 24 km north of Kozova (from first name Avhust = August)
, Benewa (Beniawa / Byeneva, Byenyeva) - 16 km south east of Kozova
Bohatkivtsi, Bogatkivtsi , Bohatkiwci, Bohatkiwci (Bogatkowcy / Bogatkovtsy) - 17 km east of Kozova (from "bahaty" - rich, "bahato" / "bahatsko" - much)
Budyliv, Budyliw (Budilow / Budilov) - 15 km north east of Kozova (from "budyty" - awake)
Byshky (Byszky / Byshki) - 15 km north west of Kozova (from "byty" - to beat)
Denysiv, Denysiw, Denisiv, Denisiw (Denisow / Denisov) - 19 km east of Kozova (from first name Denys = Dennis)
Drahomanivka, Dragomanivka (Darhomanowka, Dragomanowka / Dragomanovka) - 20 km east of Kozova (from old Ukrainian "drahoman / dragoman" - translator, learned person)
Dybshche (Dybszcze, Dubszcze / Dybshche) - 2 km west of Kozova (from "dub" - oak)
Ishkiv, Iszkiw, Ishkiw (Iszkow / Ishkov) - 17 km east of Kozova (from name Ishko)
Helenky, Gelenky (Helenky, Helenki / Gelenki, former Polsh name - HELENKOW) - 3 km north of Kozova (from name Helena, the village must have belonged to some Polish landlord called Helena)
Horodyshche, Gorodyshche (Horodiszcze, Horodisko / Gorodishche) - 18 km north east
of Kozova (from "horod" - fortified town, fortress, city, garden)
Kalne (Kalne / Kalnoye) - 5 km south of Kozova
Kozivka (Kozowka / Kozovka) - 2 km north west of Kozova (from "koza'" - goat)
Konyukhy (Koniuchy / Konyukhi) - 17 km north of Kozova (from "kin'" - horse)
Kozliv, Kozliw (Kozlow / Kozlov) - town 20 km north east of Kozova (from "kozel" - goat)
Kryve, Krive (Krzywe / Krivoye) - 3 km south west of Kozova (from "kryvy" - wry)
Kupchyntsi, Kupczynci (Kupczynce / Kupchintsy) - 17 km east of Kozova (from "kupets" - trader)
Malovody (Malowody / Malovody) - 15 km south east of Kozova (from "mali vody" - little waters)
Olesyne (Olesyne / Olesinoye) - 5 km north of Kozova (from Oles' - first name)
Pidruda (Podrudzie / Podruda) - 13 km south east of Kozova (from "pid" under and "ruda" iron)
, Plotyche (Plotycza, Plotycze / Ploticha, Plotiche) - 16 km east of Kozova (from "plit" / "plot" - fence, "plotyty" to fence or install a damb)
, Rosochuwatec (Rosuchuwaciec / Rosukhuvatyets) - 10 km south east of Kozova (from "sukhy" - dry / "rozsushyty" - to dry)
, Semykiwci (Siemikowce / Semikovtsy) - 18 km south east of Kozova (from Ukrainian first slang name Semyk deriving from correct Semen = Simon)
Shchepaniv, Szczepaniw (Szczepanow / Shchepanov) - 7 km south of Kozova (from "shchepyty" - to plant or from first name Stepan = Stephan)
Sosniv (Sosnow / Sosnov) - 18 km south east of Kozova (from "sosna" - pine tree)
Tseniv, Ceniw, Ceniv (Ceniow, Cenow / Tsenov) - 14 km north of Kozova (from "tsinyty" - to appreciate, "tsina" - price)
Teofipilka (Teofipolka, Teofipowka / Teofipolka) - 4 km east of Kozova (from name Theofipil)
Tsytsory (Cycory, Cecory / Tsytsory) - 23 km north east of Kozova (from "tytsy" - fem. breast)
Yastrubove, Jastrobove (Jastrzebie, Jastrzembie / Yastrubovoye) - 17 km east of Kozova (from Slavic bird term "yastrub" - hawk)
Yosypivka, Josypiwka, Josypivka (Jozefowka / Iosipovka, Yosipovka, Iosiofovka, Yosifovka) - 2 km south of Kozova (from first name Yosyp = Joseph)
Vybudiv (Wybudow / Vybudov) - 10 km north of Kozova (from "budyty" - to awake)
Vymyslivka (Wymislowka) - 15 km north of Kozova (from "vymyslyty" - to invent)

For inquiries regarding specific telephone numbers of all subcribers in Kozova town and district you may phone (I doubt if they speak English, so I advise you to speak Ukrainian, if not Ukrainian than at least Russian or Polish to make yourself understood):
Kozova telephone information service
(so called "DOVIDKOVA" in Ukrainian):
+380 3547 21222
If you tell them the last name (and locality within Kozova rayon) of the person / or institution you are seeking for, they will provide you with tel. number.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions or if you are from Berezhany or Kozova or surrounding areas please e-mail me at zaxaria@gmail.com I appreciate them very much and I will try to answer you as soon as I can or you can leave me a message by signing my guestbook below

Me (Roman Zakharii)Coat of Arms of Halychyna
Me (in Jerusalem, summer 2001)
and historical coat of arms of Halychyna (Galicia), land in western Ukraine where Kozova is located

Kozova website created by Roman Zakharii from Berezhany (major town nearby Kozova) on 25.11.2001 in Oslo, Norway (where I lived and studed during the last years). Updated on 03.11.2004, in Leipzig, Germany (where I am working currently). My e-mail is zaxaria@gmail.com


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