My Grandparents...

who live in village Pidvysoke

in Berezhany district of Ternopil region in Western Ukraine (former Poland and Austria Hungary)

My grandparents near their house in Pidvysoke


My grandfather's (father's father) name is Bronislaw. It is a Polish name, since his mother Maria of maiden surname Cicierska, born in 1902 in Mechyshchiv (Mieczyszczow) was of Polish origin. Her father was Pole, of a very noble, Count Polish family which settled in Galicia from Mazowsze in Poland (where I had spent almost two years of my life working and living in Warsaw, having visited the my grandfather's cousin's family in Bydgoszcz. Thus I speak native like Polish). Mechyshchiv had one of very old Polish colonies. The coat of arms of this Polish family was a black cross with a white crow sitting on it.

My grandfather was born on 15 th of January in 1922 in Trostyanets and lives in Pidvysoke (In Trostyanets there is still our old estate and house built by Mykhaylo, which is empty and desolate after my great grandfather died and great grandmother was taken to live to village Pidvysoke, where my grandfather moved and built a new house) My grandfather left Trostyanets' for nearby village Pidvysoke after the World War II, where was small limestone slaking industry run (by Jewish entrepreneurs, yet since Austrian times). He started working there. After part-time studies in Kiev Mining Technical School finishing it he became engineer at the factory (with these qualifications he could be a director but since was not a member of Communist party like all my family, he was not allowed). He has built a new house (see the picture of the house by clicking here or below), after having rented accommodation from Duda in village Lopushna near Pidvysoke for many years. Later, after many years of work as engineer at Pidvysoke lime stone slaking plant, he changed work and worked as Procurement manager of Rohachyn (Rogachin) glass factory, even being retired he continued working there but about 7 or 8 years ago he retired and now just takes care of the household and garden works at home in Pidvysoke. As main engineer and procurement manager he used to travel very much all over Ukraine and former Soviet Union during his work years and he liked it. He traveled to Kyiv/Kiev very often, to Kharkiv/Kharkov, Donetsk, basically all over Ukraine, he was even in such places as Kem/Kyem in Karelia, Baku in Azerbaijan and Krasnovodsk in Turkmenistan. Once he took me with him to Kyiv when I was small, first time in my life, I have sweet memories of this trip until today.

Bronislaw married Mykhaylyna Gawdyda, my grandmother, on 17 th of August, 1945 and they live together in Pidvysoke. Mykhaylyna (She is called Mykhalina usually, Michaelina in English) was born in 1920, also in Trostyanets'. Her maiden surname is Gawdyda. She is from Gawdyda family from Trostyanets, though the Gawdydas originate from village Saranchuky (a few kilometers from Trostyanets) originally. She was the youngest child of Roman Gawdyda's 9 children (Vasyl', who was deported to Siberia with his family and two children Roman and Dania. They spent 2 years in Irkutsk and returned back. He died of cancer. Oleksy/Oleksa who was taking to the Soviet Army during the war and never returned, Anastasia (born in 1905, married to Kovbasnyk and had daughter Stefania, now retired pharmeceutist), Natalia who died because of lungs inflammation being 18 years old. She went to a wedding and having danced there, got a cold and lung inflammation in the end. At those times the decease was non-curable)

Roman's brother Theodore Gawdyda emigrated to th US in 1908 and his offsprings live in Ohio now. I keep in touch with one of his grandsons Gary. Roman also went to the US but returned back since he was unable to adjust to the climate. That year in 1908, 21 persons from Trostyanets' emigrated to the US ).

Mykhaylyna's mother, Roman Gawdyda's wife was also from Zakhariy family. Roman Gawdyda served in the Austrian Army participating in the World War First, like his brother Mykhaylo Gawdyda (his son Orest lives in Berezhany, and grandchildren Volodymyr Gwadyda, Liubomyr Gawdyda (my close friend who died because of brain cancer this summer) and the youngest Natalia Gawdyda who is getting married on 20 th November, 2000.

Now both my grandfather Bronislaw and grandmother Mykhaylyna are in their late70 th. I grew up with them in Pidvysoke during my early childhoood and later for summers (when my parents moved to Berezhany) and was a shepherd there taking care of their cows at the pasture and helping with scything the grass and collecting of hay (making haystacks also) for cows and with garden works whole summers.

My grandfather had been saving all his working life but with the collapse of Soviet economy he lost his fortune in one day due to hyper inflation.

Bronislaw and Mykhaylyna had only one son and that is my father Yevhen (born on 2 of April 1950 in Trostyanets')(Eugene in English/German, Eugeniusz in Polish, Eugenio in Italian), who married my mother Liuba (Liubov) Kukharska on 19 th of July, 1973 in Lviv

House of my grandparents in Pidvysoke, where I grew up

House of my grandparents in Pidvysoke, built by my grandfather. Metal roof was installed about 5 years ago. I was helping the master up there to install it.


About my great grandfather Theodor and my uncle

Theodor (Fed' / Fedir) Zakhariy (born on 2/9/1890), my great grandfather married Polish lady Maria Cicierska on 20 th of June 1920 at the Roman Catholic Parish Church in village Kotow (Kotiv) next to Trostyanets'. She was of noble count family of Cicierski from village Mieczyszczow (or Mechyshchiv, since he used to visit that village very often because of his grandparents who lived there). In 1930 s during missionary work of Bobyk, who returned from the US, my great grandparents Theodore and other Trostynets' family namely Maria and Posicznyk left Catholic church and became Evangelicals (Pentecostals) attending the Evangelical Congregation in nearby village Siolko (since 1964 Kvitkove). That is why most of my father's family is Evangelical. Theodore served in Austrian Army (since Trostyanets and Western Ukraine belonged to Austria-Hungary during his first 28 years of life) and went through World War First fighting on the Italian and Bosnian front. He was wounded at his leg in Italy and was transferred to hospital in Vienna, from windows of which he saw the burial of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph (I have spent also half year of my life in Austria, living in Mittersill at the Schloss) . He spoke fluent German (and Yiddish to local Jews in Berezhany area) and was a barber having a Barber's shop in Düsseldorf in Germany. He was in Köln also and all around Bosnia and northern Italy during the war, and after having eaten soup made of snails when visiting Italian family and having seen frogs being put into the milk to keep it fresh, he liked to mention about it in Trostyanets. Before he married Maria, he was about to marry one Austrian lady from nearby Vienna. He was very strong man but unfortunately I know him only from pictures. He died in 60 s before I was born in 1975. His wife and my great grandmother Maria died in spring 1993, and though last years of her life she lived in Pidvysoke with at my grandfather

Theodore and Maria had two children. Maria gave them Polish names:

1) Ivan (Jan/Janko as he is called in our family), born on 17/6/1936 and married Pylypyna (Filipina) Landviytovych (who died of cancer about 12 years ago) having two daughters: Halyna/Halia Zakhariy (born on 3/5/1962 and married to Vladimir Yevstignieyev of Crimean White Russian family from Simferopol and they have one son Andriy) and Maria (born on 9/3/1964 and married to German man Jürgen Hoffman and they live in Sömmerda, in Thüringhen land in East Germany). Ivan Zakhariy finished German Philology Department of Lviv I. Franko University where I studied as well. He taught and teaches German in Musics College in Drohobych, where he lived with Filipina. But a few years after Filipina died he moved to Truskavets, having married again to Natalya Pylypivna Magola (like his daughter, her son Bogdan Magola emigrated and lives nearby Bonn in Germany)

2) Bronislaw Zakhariy, my grandfather, born on 15 th of January in 1922 (see above)


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Father's line, ancestors' life lengths

{short description of image}My great great great grandfather, Austrian citizen, Matviy (Mateusz) Zakhariy lived 73 years (1829-1902) in Trostyanets'

{short description of image}My great great grandfather, Austrian citizen, Mykhaylo (Michael) Zakhariy lived 72 years (1860-1888) in Trostyanets'

{short description of image}My great grandfather, Austrian, Polish and Soviet citizen Theodore (Fedir) Zakhariy lived 74 years (1890-1964) in Trostynets'

My great grandmother Austrian, Polish and Soviet citizen, Maria Zakhariy (maiden: Cicierska), Polish, born in Mechyshchiv (Mieczyszczow), lived in Trostyanets and Pidvysoke 82 years (1902-1993)

{short description of image}My grandfather (Polish, Soviet and Ukrainian citizen) Bronislaw (Bronislav) Zakhariy is 78 years old (born on 15.1.1922) lived in Trostyanets, now lives in Pidvysoke

{short description of image}My grandmother Mykhaylyna (maiden: Gawdyda) is 80 years old (born in 1920) lived in Trostyanets, now in Pidvysoke

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{short description of image}Me, see my photo album

{short description of image}My grandparents: Bronislav and Mykhaylyna, near the house in Pidvysoke

{short description of image}My father Yevhen

{short description of image}My mother

{short description of image}My Younger brother Taras

{short description of image}My younger sister Oksana

{short description of image}My one year older brother Bohdan

{short description of image}Another photo of Bohdan




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