(Secondary School no. 4)

Berezhanska Gimnazija - Serednia shkola N. 4

Berezhany, Ternopilska Oblast, West Ukraine

BEREZHANY GYMNASIUM - Secondary School no. 4 (Berezhanska Gimnazija - Serednia shkola N. 4)

Town Secondary School-Gymnasium. It was School Internat (special school for orphanes and children from non normal families) during Soviet times. With break Soviet system it was reformed into Gymnasium to restore old famous Brzezany Gymnasium of Austrian times. The Internat was moved to a different place.

  • Address: vul. Karla Marksa 12, Berezhany 47501, Ternopil region Ukraine
  • Director, tel.: +380 3548 21018

  • Deputy director, tel.: +380 3548 22176

  • Secretary, tel.: +380 3548 21018

  • Cabinet for primary military training: +380 3548 22059

  • Trade Union Comittee (Profkomitet) tel: +380 3548 22401

  • Medpunkt (School Medical Office): +380 3548 22059

  • Kotelna (heating system controller), tel.: +380 3548 22176

  • Dormitory 1, tel: +380 3548 22176

  • Dormitory 2, tel: +380 3548 22168


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