Using an opportunity, I wish to announce that I would consider interesting job offers (business, academia, tourism) in any country of western Europe / north America. Currently (August, 2013) I am living in Iceland (working as hotel receptionist) but I would be willing to relocate. Being Icelandic citizen I do not need any work or residence permits to undertake employment in the EU / UK area and can start working immediately in any EU state, UK or Nordic countries. I do not need visa for the North America / USA & Canada (but I would need work permit there). Feel free to contact me at + 354 8614478 (mobile) or you may email me at Thank you!


You may send me e-mail to:
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BORN: October 25, 1975, Berezhany, Ternopil region, Ukraine

ADDRESS: Reykjavik IS-105 Iceland

MOBILE: +3548614478

NATIONALITY: ICELAND (born in Ukraine)




In Viking and Medieval Culture

2000 - 2003 UNIVERSITY OF OSLO: Historisk Filosofisk Fakultetet, Centre for Medieval Studies

M.Phil thesis: “Historiography of Normanist Theory of Origins of Rus’”

Courses in:

Sources and Methodology in relation to Nordic Medieval History, The European Background of Nordic Medieaval Culture, The Church in Medieval Scandinavia, The King and Royal Ideology in Medieval Scandinavia, The Town in Medieval Norway and Scandinavia, Latin, Old Norse, Peasants and Local organisation, Nordic Mythology and others.

MASTER OF ARTS (1998): Degree accredited with the University of the State of New York:
In Modern Central European History

1997-1998 CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY, Budapest, Hungary

Courses in:

Historiography, Social history of contemporary Central European Jewry, Conversational Hungarian, Developing English Rhetoric and Argumentative Writing Skills, French for A.P.Beginner, the Bible in Middle Ages, International Politics and others.
M.A. thesis: "M. Schorr and M. Balaban: forgotten Eastern European Jewish Historians".

1992 -1997 LVIV I. FRANKO STATE UNIVERSITY, Lviv, Ukraine.
Major: History of Ukraine
Minor: Jewish history and culture

Courses in:  

Philosophy, Archaeology, History of Ukraine History of Russia, Modern History of Europe and America, Modern History of Asia and Africa, History of Middle Ages, Numismatics, Paleography, Economics, Aesthetics, Latin, General History of Jewish people, History of Jews in Ukraine, Political Science, Ethnic Composition of modern Israel, History of Jewish Philosophy and others.
Diploma thesis': “Problems of Bible Studies in works of Moses Schorr

1981- 1992 Berezhany Secondary School no 3, Berezhany, Ukraine

1987 -1991 Berezhany Children Art School, Berezhany, Ukraine




2012 (ongoing) – Hotel Hafnarförđur  Hafnarfjörđur, Iceland (Reception)

2004 – Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History  Leipzig, Germany (Scientific Fellow, Historical Research)

2004 -  Adecco Horeca AS                                    Bergen, Norway (Rented employee, short time jobs)

2003 – Olaf Norlis Bokhandelen AS                       Oslo, Norway (Bookstore)

2003 -  Vikar Partner AS / JFK Knudtzen AS        Billingstad, Norway (Business Postage)

2000 – 2002  Faberlink AS                                    Oslo, Norway (Managing Director)

2002 – 2003 Arpi Allianse AS                                Oslo, Norway (Rented employee, short time jobs)

2000 – 2002 Norwaydotcom AS,                          Lysaker, Norway (Web Editor)

2000  – Web Info Technologies AS,                       Oslo, Norway (Web Editor)

2000 – Arso Polanski Sp.,                                      Warsaw, Poland (Export Manager)

1999 – 2000   Dynamic Ventures Sp.,                    Warsaw, Poland (Sales Manager)

1999 – Verbis Sp.,                                                 Warsaw, Poland (Webmaster and Manager)

1999 – Adamczyk & Adamczyk Sp.,                      Warsaw, Poland (Real Estate and Sales Broker)       

1999 – AGS International Movers S.p,                   Warsaw, Poland (Sales Manager)    

1997 – 1998 – Central European University,          Budapest, Hungary (PC Lab Supervisor)

1996  – Private Jewish School “Yod Isroel”,          Lviv, Ukraine (History Lecturer)    

1995  – Historical Museum,                                   Berezhany, Ukraine (Museum Assistant)




2004 – Scholarship from Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig


2000 -  Scholarship: Quota scholarship, the University of Oslo, Norway

1998 - Scholarship: Schloss Mittersill Scholarship, Schloss Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria

1997 - Scholarship: George Soros’ all-inclusive scholarship and full tuition fee waiver for one year M.A. program at Central European University, Budapest

1996, 1997 - Grants: Lviv Renaissance Foundation Travel Grants for Summer language programs (in Finnish and Greek) in Finland and Greece

1996 - Scholarship: Ministry of Education of Finland Scholarship Holder for Summer program in Finnish Language and Culture in Rauma, Finland




1998 - 1999  Post graduate program in theology and Christian Studies
Schloss Mittersill. Conference and Study Center in Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria

1996 Summer Course in Finnish Language and Culture (Organized by Council for Instruction of  Finnish to Foreigners of Finnish Ministry of Education).
Maritime Navigation College, Rauma, Finland

1997  Course in German Language and Austrian Studies.
Austrian Library, Lviv, Ukraine

1995  Course in Modern Hebrew
Lviv Jewish Center, Ukraine



Computer skills (Internet and internet databases, IBM/Macintosh, Microsoft Word, Excel, Corel Draw, e-mail, Internet, home page editing, FTP, basics of HTML, Creativity and Artistic Skills; good in English/Russian/Ukrainian Academic/Translation Writing; Icelandic Driving Licence (3 categories: normal cars, trucks & motorcycles); Icelandic Machinery license (for forklifts, loaders, payloaders, excavators, cranes, rollers, bulldozers), Icelandic teaching license for forklifts.


Fluent: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Norwegian
Mediocre: Icelandic, Italian, German
Basic: Hungarian, Finnish, French, Greek, Latin

Understanding / Reading: Swedish, Danish


MARITAL STATUS: Married, 2 children (identical twin boys)

My CV in MW doc format

My CV in Norwegian (doc. format)

Papers and articles

(readable online in doc. / pdf. format):

On Jewish History / Christianity:

Moses Schorr: Galician Jewish historian, orientalist, politician and rabbi in the vanguard of Poland’s Jewry (article, ca. 26 pp.)

Galician Jerusalem  - Brody as Jewish Intellectual and Cultural Hub of Eastern Galicia (article, ca. 20 pp., with pictorial material)

Pidhajtsi - Podhajce  - West Podolian center of Jewish Mysticism. (article, ca. 20 pp.)

New geo-ethnic dimension of Jewish historiography in Ukraine: Virtual and Real History (paper abstract)

Aquinian Metaphysics: Thomas Aquinas On the Nature of Human Soul
Thomas Aquinas On Blindness of Mind and Intellectual Faculty
Maimonides on Human perfection, intellect, fortune and Divine Providence towards a human being.
Articles on gluttony - Aquinas and Maimonides on the vice of gluttony and its consequences.
(Selected excerpts)


On my impressions from the trip to Voynyliv (travel essay with photos, it might take a minute to download)

SAINT JOB'S LANTERN - my blog with Christian articles

On Nordic and East European Medieval History:
Historiography of Normanist Theory of Origins of Rus (MPhil thesis with maps and illustrations, University of Oslo, ca. 130 pp.)
The Outcomes of Establishment of Roman Catholic Church structures and Church Power in Norway and Scandinavia (seminar presentation)