Pidvysoke Church
in photos
Upper part of the front wall of the church in Pidvysoke

P i d v y s o k e
village in West Ukraine,
the village where I was born and where I grew up


Before 1387 village was an outpost on the approaches to the capital HALYCH (Galic / Halicz /Galicz) of the Ruthenian (Ukrainian) Kingdom / Principality of Galicia. It is about 35 km to Halych from Pidvysoke. Ancient sculpture of Slavic pagan god stood on the Lopushna hill near Pidvysoke. It was taken to the historical museum to nearby town Rohatyn and then lost. In 1387 Pidvysoke as the rest of Galician principality was taken by Polsih king armies and incorporated into Polish Kingdom.
Polish name: Podwysokie. During 1387 - 1772 and 1918 - 1939 village was part of Poland)
Russian name: PODVYSOKOYE. During 1939 - 1991 village was part of the USSR / Soviet Union in the Ukrainian Soviert Socialist Republic which became independent in 1991
Ukrainian name: PIDVYSOKE; Other possible transliterations from Ukrainian cyrillic alphabeth: PIDWYSOKE, PIDVISOKE, PIDWISOKE

Doors of Pidvysoke church
Picture: Doors of Pidvysoke Church


Pidvysoke is a small village in western part of Ukraine and has about 400 inhabitants. It is located in Berezhany (Berezany / Brzezany) district of Ternopil region (historic area of Halychyna or Galicia in English) about 18 km south west from town Berezhany and about 14 km east from town Rohatyn (Rogatin / Rohatin The village si naerly merged with surrounding villages such as Lopushna /Lopuszna, Demnya /Demnai and Verkhnia Lypytsya (Lipica Gorna/ Verkhnyaya Lipitsa) .

Pidvysoke used to be a small town in early times and had its own castle even, out of which we had only a castle hill left, with a cross installed on the top of it. Pidvysoke Church was built as Roman Catholic Church to serve local Polish inhabitants who lived in the village along with some Ukrainians and Jews. In 1939 Pidvysoke and surrounding areas (after the pact of Molotov - Ribentropp) were taken by Soviet armies and incorporated into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialsit republic. Most of Pidvysoke Poles were resettled to present-day Poland lands. Thus, now only Ukrainians remained and the village is exclusively Ukrainian. Church was devastated and closed down during Soviet times but with the collapse of the Soviet Union and Ukraine independence, the church was rennovated and restored and now it serves as Greek Catholic church for local Ukrainians who are mostly Greek Catholics with very few Ukrainian Orthodox. Orthodox Church is in the mentioned above nearby village of Verkhnya Lypytsya.

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Church in Pidvysoke, front view

Picture above: front view of Pidvysoke church

Back view of Pidvysoke Church

Picture above: back view of Pidvysoke church

General view of Pidvysoke Church

Picture above: Pidvysoke church general view

Night view over the church in Pidvysoke

Picture above: View over Pidvysoke church and hill at night. January, 2001.

View from the Church

Picture above: View from Pidvysoke church and chapel over the opposite mountain covered with beach forests. January, 2001.

Back view of Pidvsyoke Church

Picture above: Back part of Pidvysoke church. January, 2001

Pidvysoke church court, view from the left

Picture above: Pidvysoke church court, view from the left

ME IN PIDVYSOKE, next to my grandaprents' house
Picture above: Me in Pidvysoke,
near my grandparents' house, where I grew up. Click to enlarge.

All copyrights reserved @ 2001-2005. Pictures taken by Roman Zakharii in Pidvysoke in January 2001 (during Ukrainian Christmas days).
Page created by Roman Zakharii in Oslo, Norway. Updated in 2013. Please e-mail me at

Pidvysoke church dome / cupola

Picture above: Dome of Pidvsyoke Church


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