Old photographs and postcards of Berezhany

Small town in Ternopil province in Western Ukraine

in the centre of historic region of Halychyna (Galicia)

View over Zolota Lypa river in Berezhany in old times. Berezhany Castle is on the left back.
View over Berezhany during the old times. Panoram over Zolota Lypa river. Berezhany castle is on the back to the right (castle tower is seen). Click on image for large scale view.

Post card depicting Berezhany Castle

View of Berezhany Castle
as it was before the war. Old post card with inscription in Polish on the top right, as far as I read it: "Brzezany. Zamek Sieniawskich" (Berezhany. Castle of Sieniawski)

Berezhany Castle centuries ago...

View over Berezhany Castle and Zolota Lypa river as it was hundreds years ago

Center of the town a century ago

View of Central Square "Rynok/Rynek" (Ringplatz) in Berezhany

View over Berezhany during Austrian rule. Bernardine Monastery on the top of the hill

View of Bererezhany Bernardine Monastery (on the top of he hill, now Children Labour Prison Colony)

Around the clock tower in Berezhany in old times

How it was around the Rathaus/Ratusha (now Town City Hall, to the left on picture). On far back on the top you can see the Bernardine Monastery.

Berezhany Clock Tower in Austrian times

Berezhany Clock Tower (Ratusha/Rathaus, now city hall) as it was centuries ago. Old photograph.

View over the telegraph building in Berezhany

Berezhany dowtown street centuries ago. Berezhany Telegraph building is to the right. And the baroc building where present Berezhany bank is located is to the right of the picture

Berezhany street in old times

View over one of Berezhany Street in old times. Some not very clear incription and signature in Ukrainian is on the top. Picture from private collection. The building which is on the picture does not exist now. Wnow shapes remind me the ruins of Berezhany Synagogue (which still remain) but I am not quite sure.

Sarcocophagus sculpture at the Holy Trinity Church of Berezhany Castle

Sarcofague at the Holy Trinity Chapel of Berezhany Castle

Sculpture decoration of the Holy Trinity Church of Berezhany Castle

Sculpture decorations at the Holy Trinity Chapel of Berezhany Castle

Cemetery scuplture

Berezhany cemetery sculpture from the 19 th century. Click on it for larger view.

Berezhany synagogue window

Window and decoration of Berezhany Synagogue (ruins). I took this picture in January, 2001 when I was at home in Berezhany

House of Andriy Chaykovskyy in Berezhany

19 th century building in Berezhany. House where Ukrainian Galician writer Andriy Chaykovsky lived and where Ivan Franko stopped visiting him.

Stone scupture

The sculpture decoration at the ruins of the Holy Trinity Chapel at Berezhany Castle, it is my presumption (by the eagle wing on the left side of the sculpture), but I am note really sure.

Courtyard at former Sieniawskich street. Photo from period before 1939.

The oldest stone house in Berezhany. The inscription below is in Polish: "Dworek przy ulicy Sieniawskich. Ze zdjec Zwiazku Sluchaczy Architektury Polit. Lwowskiej" (Courtyard at Sieniawskich Street. From the photos of Student Union of Lviv Polytechnics). Click on the image for larger view.

Berezhany central square Rynok (then Ringplatz) in Austrian times

Berezhany town center as it was during Austrian times. Inscription on top is in Polish: Brzezany, Rynek. Czesc Gorna and in German: Ringplatz, Oberer Teil. Click on image for large view.

1000 Austro-Hungarian Kronen. Click to see it large.

Banknote of 1000 Austrian Kronen, which circulated in Berezhany sometime around the year 1902. It is from my father's banknote collection from home in Berezhany. I just scanned like all other images.
Click on banknote to see it full sized.

My great grandfather Theodore Zakharii, sometime around 1914-1916, in Austrian Army

My great grandfather
Theodore Zakharii. Picture taken when he served in Austrian Army sometime during First World War (1914-1916)
From our home photo album. I just scanned. Click on it to see it full size.

View of Berezhany nowadays

View over the town Berezhany nowadays.

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