Choir Stalls in Transylvania
Choir Stalls in Transylvania

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This is the trial version of a future webpage dedicated to late medieval and early modern choir stalls in Transylvania, based on the learning experiences acquired during a CEU beginners’ web design course. According to my plans, once the page will be more developed, it will contain a database of choir stalls from the sixteenth century, possibly even from later periods, until the end of the baroque period.

The content on this page is organized two sections, one containing a short historical background, related to Transylvania and to the development of church furniture in general, while the other section will contain information on construction and decoration techniques, types of wood, etc., as well as description and images of individual pieces. I also wish to include a map with all the discussed settlements. At one level this will help me in collecting, storing, organizing and displaying the data of my research, and on the other hand it will constitute a basis for further research.

The useful links section will contain links to other sites dedicated to the research of choir stalls, as well as pages dedicated to the conservation and restoration of furniture.

About me
I’m an art historian, currently a PhD candidate at Central European University, Medieval Studies. As you might have guessed, I am researching sixteenth century choir stalls and other church furnishings in Transylvania. I am also interested in medieval, renaissance and baroque costumes and dancing, as well as cultural heritage conservation.

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