Who was the First Serbian Vampire?

Balkan region has always been interesting for its mystic creatures and wide-known legends. One of those is suited in the West Serbia, in the mid-way between two municipalities- Bajina Bašta and Valjevo. On the Rogačica river, at Zarožje village lies the most famos legend about first Serbian vampire- Sava Savanović.

In the early 70s, on basis of the Milovan Glišic novel "After Ninety Years", the first Serbian horror was recorded where the character of Sava Savanovic firstly appeared. The "She-Butterfly" ("Leptirica") is considered to be one of the top Serbian and former Yugoslav horror movies. The opening scene shows an old miller in a mill listening to strange sounds coming from the woods. While he sleeps a millstone, suddenly stops working and a strange human-like creature with black hands and long teeth and nails bites his neck.

Being famous even today, the character of Sava Savanović has been spreading around as a touristical attraction, all way around Serbia. Even though, there has been certain disagreements between two municipalities that share the legend about Sava, the official heretage has been kept by Valjevo municipality. Furthermore, it became a trademark of the city. The believed-to be a water-mill is rearranget for the sake of tourists and it represents a grand attraction for those who want to know more about first Serbian Vampire.