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Disclaimer: I have absolutely no interest in the Republican Party. But hey, the in-class example used animals...

Rick Santorum



A former Senator from Pennsylvania, Santorum lagged behind many of the other candidates before polling improbably finishing second in the Iowa Caucuses in early January, 2012. A strong social conservative, Santorum has shown the ability to win over voters uncomfortable with some of Romney's more moderate policies and statements around social issues.


Support among core Republican base, demonstrated electoral success in the Iowa Caucuses, strong record of social conservatism, especially on gay rights and abortion.


Santorum has struggled to raise money throughout the campaign, which may limit his ability to capitalize on his second place finish in the Iowa caucus. Santorum also is extremely socially conservative, which will likely turn off voters in the general election uncomfortable with his stances on gay rights and abortion, as well as moderate voters in primary states like New Hampshire.

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