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Bun E. Tapes

So here last night’s Danny CavanaghEnglish guitarist and singer who formed the British art rock band Anathema in 1990 acoustic gig’s happenings. I thought I’d be late cause it was a great day in town with all the big fest, so the buses and trams stopped going, and I got stuck somewhere on my way, so I eventually had to take a taxi, which I never do. It began some time around 9, and as it was a last-minute event, it wasn’t really publicized, so there were fewer people than usual, which wasn’t a bad thing at all, I was sitting through the whole gig. No pictures though, I took some but all of them are crappy, I was too far away from the stage.

The first song was Fix You by Coldplay, Danny saying it’d been in his head for days. Never heard it before, but it was nice. He said he hadn’t drunk for two days (!) so his voice should be good, and it really was. Then Noone Is Free, a new Anathema song (the thing with ”I know who I am”, some might remember it from the board long gone dead), much better than I expected on the basis of those few lines posted :D Are You There next, tinkly guitars (the usual layered harmonies), much softer and nicer than I’d ever heard it before (I’m usually bored with this song, but this time it was really okay.) Temporary Peace in the same vein, then another new song called One Day, which was the best of last night, in my opinion. Danny said it’s gonna be intense when recorded, and that he’d probably fuck it up, but he didn’t, and it did sound intense even with this one acoustic guitar (two-three layers of it though).

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