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About me:

My full name is Mbele Bidima Martin Le Doux. I am originally from Cameroon, Africa.

After graduating a B.Sc in Mathematics and a Secondary School Teacher's Diploma in 1997, a M.Sc in Mathematics and a High School Teacher's Diploma in 1999, and a First Year Doctoral Degree Testimonial (D.E.A) in Mathematics in 2000/2001, all these from my home university, the University of Yaounde I, I changed my Pure Mathematics' field of study by traveling to South Africa in 2003/2004, where I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Mathematics and Computer Programming, at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). Please click here to see my very first homepage I built while studying there.

In the following year i.e., in 2004/2005, I went to the University of Cambridge, UK, for a one-year Master's Studies in Financial Mathematics, where I completed the very competitive and challenging postgraduate course in the World, the so-called Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. Due to the lack of  scholarship continuation, I went back home where I hold some teaching position at universities such as at the Université de Yaoundé Sud, until 2007.

Currently I am since September 2007, a Ph D student in Mathematical Finance at Central European University (CEU), in Budapest, Hungary.
Under the supervision of Dr Miklos Rasonyi (SZTAKI, Budapest, and Edinburgh, UK), my current Ph D research works lie in the specific subject of Asymptotic Arbitrage and Optimal Investment/Control in Markovian Financial Markets, in the Discrete-Time setting.

Founded by the renowned financier George Soros, CEU is a U.S. accredited university run in two campusses: in New York, USA, and in Budapest, Hungary/Europe.

Latest update: January 17, 2010.