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Happy International Women's Day

FCCC: Friday Coffee, Chocolate, Chat , Student Union's initiative event is still ongoing. Tomorrow it will be organized for the second times and only one will be left.  It is still questionable whether the mission will be accomplished, in other words will CEU develope culture?....  OR  is comletely different from yoghurt?...                                                        23 Feb. 2007

Ice Skating Party: Old CEU tradition was held yeasterday at Westend City center Ice Skating Rink from 18:00 - 22:00 for students. The environment was exciting:  smooth ice, good music and colored lights, storng drinks.  But number of students was sufficiently low. Since it was the mid of the week, most of the students were busy with their studies.  Why not on weekend?...
23 Feb. 2007

Poisoneou Paprika: Each # of the CEU newspaper  will be uploaded on my site thereafter and will be excessible for everybody: The poisonous paprika (issue 7)
23 Feb. 2007

At the begining of my studies at CEU I found the following article while searching for different things in internet. It was really encouraging for me and I think the others, new enrants to MA program in Economics may find it helpful as well:  How to survive your first year of graduate school in economics
23 Feb. 2007

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