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Slovak flag

Hello everybody!!!

My name is Kamila and I would like to welcome you on my personal page. Here, you can find some basic facts about:
•    me,
•    my hobbies and
•    The Netherlands, my first favorite country after Slovakia.

Personal information

I am a 24 years old student of the Central European University in Budapest with specialization in the Comparative Constitutional Law.

I come from a Slovak town situated close to the Hungarian border. Thanks to that and my grandmother I can speak Hungarian and my life in Budapest is much easier. After completing the secondary education, I moved to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia where I finished my studies and began to work as a lawyer and manager until I was  accepted at the CEU.

Except this information, I have to mention one important fact - during the summer holidays, I usually had a job of a very scientific kind: I examined the borders of my tolerance and ability to survive as well as the behavior and habits of some Dutch and Swiss creatures called children. At the end of my research I concluded that these wild creatures can be successfully domesticated and then they may appear to be very lovely. However, some of their parents still did not seem to be very nice even after some cups of good French or Spanish wine.

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