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            HELLO AND WELCOME!                                                                                                               

Dear all,

Let my introduce myself – my name is Gorshkova Elena.
I was born and live in Moscow, Russia.
I am 21.
Now I am living and studing in Budapest, in Hungary, till 30 June 2007.

This site will, hopefully, be of interest:

TO my professional contacts and future employers (see my Professional page).
To find out about my achievements, academic record, CV (in Russian and  in English), my hobbies, (it is frequent for the firm HR dep. staff to be interested in) my career objectives and life aims related to them and evaluate me as a professional according to that.

TO my friends (see my Personal page).
To find out about the new events in my life, to see my pictures and foto works

TO me AS WELL, because I am going to create, develop an maintain the first web-site in my life. Sounds challenging...
But people how know me quite well will not be surprised by it.

TO anyone interested in me in any of the relationship kind, who are also welcomed and encouraged to read my web-site.

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