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Anna Kutuzova in Budapest Hello!

Perhaps, at this point you know nothing about a girl who created this web-site and who is smiling to you from the picture...
So, let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna Kutuzova (don't ask me whether or not  I am a  descendant of the famous Russian Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov who saved his country from Napoleon's invasion - I don't know!).

But I was definitely born in Russia, in one of the most beautiful cities of West Siberia, which is called Tyumen. It is a support center for the surrounding oil industry and a city with rich cultural traditions at the same time. If you had never heard about it, click here.We should not forget that I was born on the 13th of January, and it was Friday. That's why I am so lucky in my life! :)

There are so many proofs of my luckiness, starting with the best boyfriend in the world and finishing with the fact  that I had win the prestigious stipend from Vladimir Potanin's Welfare Fund 3 times while studying journalism at the Tyumen State University.

Anna Kutuzova near the Buda Castle
 One more proof of my luckiness  will be obvious if you'll  take a  look at my web-site address. The abbreviation "CEU"  means that I  am a student of the Central  European  University in Budapest,  Hungary. It is one of the best  known postgraduate universities in  Europe. I do my Master  of Art  degree in Nationalism Studies.

 There are a lot of things which I  enjoy. In order to find new  friends, I will provide a list of my interests. Maybe, we have  something in common? If so, please, write me an e-mail by clicking on Contact.  
List of interests (changeable):

 America,  Bards,
 Books,  Brodsky Joseph,  CEU,  Choir of Turetsky,  Contests,  Dinosaurs,  Dissidents,  Grants,   Grushinsky bard festival,  Guitar,  Hebrew,  Hitchhiking,  Ilmensky bard festival,  Intellectual games,  Israel,  Italy,  Jews,  Journalism, Krapivin  Vladislav,  Libraries,  Literature,  Lizards,  Love,  Mityaev Oleg,  Movies,  Okudzhava Bulat,  Owls,  Phylosophy,  Pizza,  Poetry,  Poker,  Potanintsy,  Rock-n-Roll,  Samizdat,  Scherbakov Mikhail,   Studying Abroad,  Summer,  Sweets,  Swimming,  Tea,  Theatre,  Tourism,  Travels,  Tretyakov Victor,  Tyumen,  TSU,  Vizbor Yuri,  "What?Where?When?",  Zemskov Andrey ...

If you can read in Russian, you may visit my native-language web-site:
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Thank you for visiting my web-page!

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