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I am Ana, HR LLM student at CEU

I was born some 22 years ago in Georgia, a bit awkward country somewhere inbetween Europe and Asia, both geographically and culturally. . .
Since I was born at the New Years' Eve, on the 31th of December, some people used to say that I am a present from Santa Claus to my family:)
I completely agree:):)
On the other hand, I have to admit that my family has played a huge role in my life till now. I am very thankful to them for their love and support, especially to my Mother. ..

One fabulous professor at CEU once told us that there are two the most important human rights: right of every child (not every adult, unfortunately:)) to be loved and right of every person to live in peace. ..

As for the first one, I think I enjoyed this right in my childhood and enjoy it also now, at a reasonable extent, many thanks to all these people for loving and tolerating me:). . .

 as for the second one- I would say that  more or less I have been living in peace till now. . .

However, I am pretty sure, that personal enjoyment of these and many other rights are less than enouh for a man to feel happy when thousands of other fellows are deprived of these rights. ..

I am sure that at least in the third millenium people should not be compelled to make choices between bread and rights, security and dignity.

You problably already guessed what are my meain incentives to be enrolled in HR program at CEU, and also what are the main obstalces I am going to cope with in my future career.

I hope, I do not seem to be too ambitious or infantile. . .
yes?  no?  maybe? :)
ok. skip this part. . .

But if you got interested. . . visit my webpage from time to time to get  updated info about my struggle for "neither bread nor rights alone, but  BOTH.."