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Hello, this is me!

July morning in Rodopi mountain

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Welcome to July morning's web site!

This is my personal site and who you see on the left side is me. You wonder why the ?!@#$! I named it July Morning? Well when my parents were choosing what name to give to me, they came with the idea that Valentine is a good one. 

However, at that time my country (Bulgaria) was under the communist government. So the state clerks said that this name was not Bulgarian enough and they did not allow my parents to give it to me (thanks God, otherwise now I would have some lady's name of a Latin soap opera!). Then Ema and Trendy decided that, since I was born on the early morning of 11 July, Juliana suites me best. The other half of the explanation (for the name of the site) is that Uriah Heep's song of the same name - July morning, is one of my most favorite.

Beside my name, I should probably tell you something more about me. I am 24 years old student coming from Bulgaria. I have a BA in Sociology from the Plovdiv University. While there, some of my colleagues and myself founded a Student sociological club "Paradox", which is a co-founder of the European Student Sociological Association. Attending ESSA conferences was a way to spend perfectly balanced time of educational and amusing activities. On this site you will find some pictures indicating that. 

Then I spent a year studying in a MA Program in International Political Relationships and Security in the Sofian University, just to realize that this was not what I wanted to do...

Fortunately, now I am happy as a MA student in Sociology and Social Anthropology in  Central European University in Budapest. I am not going to explain how challenging for me is to manage with all the readings and papers - this after all is a side effect of every good university. What I intend to show you is that beside the work we have a lot of fun here. 

Except for the several writings that I recently finished, on my site you can also find some beautiful pictures from Bulgaria and the Rodopi mountain where my hometown is situated. Of course I have to invite you to see some of CEU Sociology students partying. 


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Club Paradox

If you are interested in participating in Sociology student activities as a member of a club, please visit:
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