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About me:

I come from Ukraine, Crimea. My home town is Yalta - it's a very beautiful town on the sea side. You can see pitures of my home in my gallery.  
I have MA in English Language and Literature from Simferopol State University, Crimea, and worked as Interpreter/Translator for a number of years.  I also studied  Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution and The Conduct of Humanitarian Relief Operations with UNITAR.
 In CEU I'm getting my second MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology.

These are the pictures of me on my birthday this year.  This is a collage me and my friends made on a street picture exhibition. So, as you can see, photograhy is one of my hobbies :-). Besides, I like dancing, hiking and travelling, and in summer  I often go to the mountains with my  friends.


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