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I was born on 5th of June, 1984, in Almaty city that was capital of Kazakhstan at that time.
I had typical Soviet childhood till seven when I entered public school #92 named after Popov. For ten years I studied there, as I skiped fourth form. In my final eleventh grade I was elected to be the President of Pupils' Council. I was second pupil in our class and at school in general.
In 2001 I graduated from my school and entered the Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages named after Ablai khan. As I did not follow my Dad's request as where to study and what to study, I had nothing else to do, but to have outstanding performance at entrance exams, which I did, and receive one of twenty state scholarships.
For four years I have been studying there being always within 3-5 top students of International Law. During my last year of studies I've been volonteer at Educational Center "Bilim - Central Asia".
In 2005 I received my B.A. in International Law and was admitted to the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.
Here I study Comparative Constitutional Law at the Department of Legal Studies.

Skills, knowledges, etc.

My native language is Russian. I speak English, spoken Kazakh and basic French. In addition to that, I studied Japanese for 2 years which I'm going to improve after I graduate.
I have good knowledge of computer, both soft-ware and hard-ware; Internet, MS Office, Photoshop, Web-design, Internet security, etc.
In CEU I attended Debate club, courses of French language and received computer courses certificates.


Among variety of sports I prefer tennis, swimming and horse-riding. Hitch-hiking and t are also among my favourites.
I'm very interested in Eastern culture, such as Japanese and Chinese. I know everything and more about green-tea.

As for books, I prefer scientific and tutorials, fact-books and success stories. I'm interested in NLP, psychology and yoga.
Thanks to prof. Mahlman, I'm keen on German philosophy and in particular Kant. Thanks to prof. Uitz, now I enjoy reading stuff on Constitutional Adjudication. ;)
I don't watch TV for years, so obviously no favourite programme or serial either. I'm not big fan of cinema, though I like to watch certain types of films.
I used to love clubbing. Hopefully, when I go home this type of time-spending will be as pleasant as it was.
Traveling is another favourite thing to do.
When I go back to Kazakhstan, I'm planning to have huge trip and see the beauty of my huge motherland. :)

last updated 24.04.2006.

Budapest - 2006

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