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Of course you know I am enrolled at CEU getting my masters degree in human rights-if I can survive the next 6 months. But before this was a whole other life, in a whole other world.

 It all started in a little all girls school in Arouca, Trinidad called St. Finbars Girls R.C School. Do I remember much from those times? definitely. I remember being carefree....silly....oblivious to the existence of boys...always watching my figure...and having the most fun in standard 5 after Common Entrance.

Of course the most informative days of my life were spenct at Bishop Anstey High School-otherwise called Bishops. It is undoubtedly the best-the best all girls school in Trinidad and Tobago, and I would even go so far to say in the Caribbean. That school...what can I say about it. Perfect.

My headmistresses were the sort of women you strived not to disappoint. Women like Ms. Araujo, Ms. Bishop, Ms. Henderson and how can I not mention Ms. Ruddell. These teachers taught me more than about geography, history and physics...they taught me the things that are essential for every young women during there impressionable days. Things like self-respect, dignity, confidence, etiquette, charm, poise...These are lessons that seem to be forgotten in this world, but these are things that I think every young woman must possess .

"It is not just about what you know, and what you is also about how you carry yourself." .

Fast forward out of my comfort zone to MSU---Morgan State University. What can I say about Fair Morgan. hmm. Morgan will always be dear for me for so many reasons. Of course there were the usual things such as frat parties ...breaking hearts and getting my heart every week at White Marsh and Towson...homecoming1..2..3..4..I love Morgan Day...breaking visitation hours...hanging out in McKeldin...ORL...Blount...Ms Singleton...Mr Dennis...the bridge...Rawlings food...Freddie...the list goes on.

Morgan, for all its hang ups gets the job done every time. Morgan got me where I am today in the most fun way possible.  For that I will always be a proud Morganite....Go Bears!!!!

and then...back to reality...CEU

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