Vision Film Company (VFC) was founded fifteen years ago by two Polish expatriates. Now based in Krakow, Poland, it has produced numerous television commercials anButterfly caughtd documentaries, some of which have won international awards for originality and creativity. It has a small, highly experienced production staff and depends on an extensive freelance staff for its projects.

The Director and Executive Producer of VFC now want to make a feature film. The film is a drama set in post-was Europe. VFC have presented their business plan to a Swiss film finance company, European Finance Associates (EFA).

The extraordinary success of independent film in recent Academy Awards shows that there is a huge demand for dramatic human interest films, whether they are performed by unknown actors or by stars. The proposal is for an independent feature film with a budget of $5.5 million. The story of the film will have great appeal to all age groups, but especially to film-goers in the 25-40 age group, who form a large segment of most countries' film-going audience.

Below there are a few reasons why the project will appeal to audiences worlwide:

  • outstanding script
  • romantic interest
  • exciting locations
  • dramatic tension


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June-August 2005
Complete financing and casting
Complete pre-production

March-June 2006
Carry out principal photography
Complete laboratory work

January-June 2007
Sundance film festival
Berlin film festival
Cannes film festival

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