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     At 8 p.m. On October, 16 in thousands of Belarusian windows the light was switched off and the burning candles were put on the window boards as a sign of solidarity with political prisoners and victims of political repressions.

     Representatives of the civil society of Belarus proposed to continue implementation of Days of Solidarity on the 16th of each month.

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Solidarity with Belarus in Budapest

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   This action was supported in many European and countries as well as in North America.

   The action of  Solidarity with Belarus also took place in Budapest on October, 16. About 20 people - mainly CEU students - came to the Belarusian Embassy with burning candles and portraits of the disappeared.

    This action will be held on the 16th of each month in Belarus and we will try to continue to come to the Belarusian embassy on each of these days to show our solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners, disappeared oppositionists, their families, independent journalists, with all who fight for freedom and democracy in Belarus.

If you would like to join us, feel free to contact any of these persons:

        Hanna Asipovich - ;
        Guillaume Deflaux  - ;
        Maksim Hramadt
sou - ;

Here are the photos of the action in Budapest on October, 16:

October, 16 - picture 1

             gates of Belarusian embassy                


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     You can click here to see the article about the action in Budapest on one of the Belarusian news sites.

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