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     Due to the fact that there exist two opposing ways of assessing current situation in Belarus with democracy, human rights, economic development etc., two groups of links are presented on this page (all sites are in English):

First group: "democratically oriented" sites;
Second group: sites, representing an "official view" on the Belarusian situation;

   Also, there is a link to the online translator, which gives the possibility to surf russian-language sites in english.

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    Democratically oriented sites:
(here are sites, which are opposing current political regime as well as the ,so called, "independent" sites, which, frankly speaking, are not in favour of current regime either)

  • - an online Belarusian newspaper. Source of pretty objective                                               information;
  • - site of Belarusian civil initiative. A good source of everyday news as well as of many other things, connected with political situation in Belarus: information on political repressions, show trials, documents, photos etc.;
  • - site of the United Civil Party -  Belarusian liberal party, one of the largest in the country (in Belarus it means something about ~1500-2000 members :( ). Also a good source of news and has a lot of other information: photo archive of civil campaigns, political cartoons, a great collection of political stickers (mainly featuring current president) etc.;
  • - site of Belarusian Helsinki Commitee,  member of International Helsinki Federation. Features reports on human rights violations in Belarus in recent years;
  • - site of  Human Rights Center "Viasna". Features analytical materials on the recent Parliamentary and Presidential elections, ! Introductory memorandum "Disappeared persons in Belarus" of Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of PACE ! and other interesting information;
         Sites, representing "official view" on the Belarusian situation:
(Here you can find out, what picture most of the Belarusians see everyday on TV and read in the newspapers. If you compare it to the information from the sites of the first group, you will be very surprised, how different it is. Just bear in mind that most of the Belarusians do not have alternative sources of information and you would understand rather well, how current Belarusian regime functions.)

  • - site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Here you can find news and different information about Belarus, including photos;
  • - site of the current president of Belarus, A. Lukashenka. Here you can find some information about Belarus, but as the main thing on this site I consider Lukashenka's biographical profile - a "magnificient" piece of writing. I really recommend reading it if you are already somewhat familiar with Belarusian situation;
  • - site of the National State Teleradiocompany of Belarus. Here you can find the news, which are considered to be the only news possible by the great part of Belarusian population, watching it everyday;

Here is the link to the online translator, which allows you to surf russian-language web sites in English by simply typing the URL of the page in the box provided.

      I would recommend to surf sites of Belarusian independent analytical newspapers such as, and - I consider them to be the best sources of objective information about Belarusian reality available.

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