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     General Information about the State

official flag of Belarus                 official coat of arms of Belarus                          historical flag of Belarus        historical coat of arms of Belarus

   The Republic of Belarus is situated in the geogaphical centre of Europe. Belarus shares common frontier with Poland, the Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine. The territory of Belarus is 207.000 sq. km., population - about 10 millions and 70% of them lives in cities. Minsk is the capital of Belarus and has a population of about 2 mln. people. The state languages are Belarusian and Russian.

   The Republic of Belarus is a democratic social state with the rule of law (Art. 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus). Though, many people would argue that this article of the Constitution as well as many others does not work at all in contemporary Belarus. To find out more on that "controversy", please, explore the useful links page, where, I am sure, you will find a lot of interesting information.

   The state power exercised on the basis of its division on legislative, executive and judicial. Belarus is a presidential republic (more than you can even imagine :( ). The President of the Republic of Belarus is a head of state, a guarantor of the Constitution, of peoples' rights and freedoms. In accordance with the Constitution the legislative body is the Parliament consisting of two branches. The executive power in the republic is been exercised by the Government - the Council of Ministers being the central body of state administration (to find out more on the real functions of the Belarusian president, Parliament and the Council of Ministers, please, explore the useful links page)

  The most developed branches of industry are motor-car construction, machine-tool construction and bearing production, electrical industry, oil mining and processing (actually, mostly buying cheaply in Russia, processing and selling expensively to the West :)), production of synthesized fiber, fertilizers, pharmaceutical industry, production of building materials, light and food industries. Charasteristic feature of national industry is production of finished commodity, the most part of which is exported .

   Natural conditions of the Republic of Belarus let succesfully (it's the official point of view :)) produce such highly remunerative kinds of production as milk, beef, pork, meat and eggs of poultry, grain, potatoes, long-fibred flax, white beet and so on.

P.S. : Probably you are confused of so many state symbols at the top of the page. To make it clearer, I would tell you that one flag and coat of arms represent official state symbols of contemporary Belarus, while two others are historical symbols of Belarus, adopted as official ones for a period of time in the beginning of the 90-s.
     So in 1995 contemporary symbols replaced historical ones. To make clear which ones are official now and which - historical, still considered by democratic opposition as "true" national symbols, just take a look at the state symbols of Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR) under the Soviet Union:

                   flag of BSSR                          coat of arms of BSSR

it is clear, isn't it?

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