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Welcome to the personal page of Hramadtsou Maksim!

      I am pretty sure that if you got here for the first time - you did it by mistake or for whatever other reason you might have (or your name is Emil E. Iuga :) ) and you are not really interested in my humble personality.

     This is exactly the reason why I decided to turh this site into the some sort of presentation of my home country, Belarus. I hope that it would be much more interesting and useful this way. Homework WebDesign Intermediate

General information about Belarus

Solidarity with Belarus in Budapest

My personal page

   So, on this site you can find general information about Belarus - territory, population, legal system, some pictures etc.

   Also on the useful links page you can find links to varoius Belarusian sites in english: country news (both official and oppositon), human rights centers etc.

   On the solidarity with Belarus in Budapest page you can find information about  the action of solidarity with Belarusian people, which took place on October, 16 near the Belarusian Embassy as well as about future actions, which will hopefully take place on the 16th of each month.

   On my "real" personal page those of you, who are interested in, can find some information about me.

   On the contact me page you can find my contact information.

      Page was created by Hramadtsou Maksim