Department of Environment
Sciences and Policy
Nador u. 9, 1051 Budapest, Hungary.
CEU Conference Center
November, 7, 2005   

Georgios Dimitriou Antoniou

Personal Details

  • Date of Birth: June, 17, 1982
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Nationality: Greek
  • Place of Birth: Ioannina, Greece
  • Parents: Dimitrios Antoniou and Polikseni Aggelidou - Antoniou

Research Interests
  • Community - Based Environmental Management
  • Adaptive Environmental Management
  • Mangement of Protecetd Areas
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental law
  • 2000 - 2005 B.Sc. in Environment, Dept of Environment, University of the Aegean (GPA  8.02 / 10).
          Thesis: Background Electromagnetic Field Radiation Measurements in the Area of Agiasos,                     Mitilini, Greece.
          Supervisor: Dr Kostas P. Halvadakis
  • MSc Environmental Sciences Policy and Management (MESPOM) (current stuidies).
  • Participation in the administrator’s and designer’s seminar of the Educational Platform WebCT Vista, held in Mytilene, 3/29/2004 - 4/2/2004.
  • Participation in the NATO Workshop: Point and non - point sources of pollution and the problems of transboundary pollution in rivers in Europe. Held in Mitilini on February 2002.
  • Participation in the 2005 Conference: The future of Europe and the Euroconstitution. Held in the Hungarian Parliament.
  • Hellenic (maternal)
  • English: Lower Degree (6/1996)
              FCE, Degree: C (6/2003)
  • Spanish (Studies In Alicante, Spain) 
Working Experience  
  • Dodoni Co, Ioannina. Applications of environmental friendly methods throughout the production procedure (2000 - 2001). Practical experience.
  • Environmental Impact assesment office, Mandillas Ch. Mitilini, Greece. Improvement of the garbage coolection system in the city of Mitilini (2002 - 2003).
  • Aegean University. Reformation of the courses syllabus (2004 - 2005).
Extra-curriculum Activities
  • Basketball
  • Sailing
  • Ecology
  • Reading
  • Travelling

Research intersts

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