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Work experience
Training courses delivered
Voluntary work
Other skills

2004 -   Central European University, Budapest
PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy
(research area: sustainable consumption)

2002 – 2004 University of San Francisco / Pázmány Péter Catholic University
M.Sc. in Environmental Management
1998-1999 University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
M.Ed. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
1994-1998 Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
B.Ed. in ELT (English Language Teaching) 
1991-1994 University of Horticulture, Budapest

Other training and qualifications
Jan. – April 2005 Sustainable development training (with Gyulai Iván, PhD)
March 2003 Eco-mapping Training: the environmental baseline assessment of small- and medium-sized enterprises with the involvement of employees (KÖVET-INEM Hungária)
November 2002 Environmental Performance Evaluation Training (KÖVET-INEM Hungária)
May - June 2002 EOQ Environmental Systems Manager course (Hungarian Standards Institution)
Qualification: EOQ Environmental Systems Manager
August 2000 LCCI CertTEB course on teaching business English 
1996 “Traditional cultures and the environment” (Schumacher College)
1992 and 1994 Permaculture design courses (Gy?r?f? Alapítvány)

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09. 2005. -  Position: assistant professor
University of San Francisco, Environmental Science Department
? Compiling the course content and materials, and teaching Environmental Policy and Sustainability
? Providing supervision for students working on their master’s projects
04. 2005. -  Position: research assistant
Central European University, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
Participation and contribution to the following projects:
? EMUDE (Emerging User Demands for Sustainable Solutions): a 6th framework research and development project of the European Union that is researching consumer-driven sustainable consumption patterns in the EU.
? GEO (Global Environment Outlook): a comprehensive global state of the environment report of UNEP that is compiled with contributions from local GEO centres, one of which is the Central European University.
01. 2002. -  Position: project manager and 
head of section for applications and project development
Employer: Association for Environmentally Aware Management (KÖVET-INEM Hungária)
Experience in:
? environmental and sustainability management
? project management and development at the national and international level, including EU-funded projects with multiple partners (Phare, Leonardo, LIFE, Save, UNEP sustainable consumption guide, etc.)
? setting up international projects and cooperation
? delivering training courses and giving presentations
? communication and cooperation with multinational companies, SMEs, national and international NGOs, and governmental organisations
? writing and translating professional articles, studies, books, sustainability reports

02. 2000 - 08. 2001. Position: Director of Studies and English language teacher
Employer: International Languages Institute Ltd., Gödöll? 
I was responsible for managing a nationwide language-teaching project sponsored by PHARE for the Ministry of Interior and Directorate for Catastrophe Prevention and Protection.
Apart from this my responsibilities included quality assurance through lesson observation, providing professional guidance, developing teaching materials, mentoring teachers, and language teaching.

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Education and educational management
06. 2002 – 09. 2003. language teaching and skills development (part time)
(presentation and negotiation skills, communication skills, etc.) for the employees of the Hungarian Quality Development Centre for Industry and Trade
01. 2002 – 09. 2003. language teaching and skills development (part time)
(presentation and negotiation skills, communication skills, etc.) for the employees of Profikomp Ltd.
09. 1997. - 06. 1998  Position: English language teacher
Employer: Vörösmarty Mihály Primary School, Budapest

English Language skills
Proficiency level oral and written skills:
? Professional translation from and into English 
(articles, books, environmental and sustainability reports, etc.)
? Delivering training courses
? Presentation at conferences
? Negotiation, contracts, agreements, etc.

Translation and proof-reading (examples)
01. 2003. -  Translation of environmental and sustainability reports for companies like Dreher Ltd., DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd., etc.
09. 2002 –  Translations for the Hungarian Quality Development Centre
(quality development and management, organisational development)
01. 2002 – 12. 2003 Translations for the Profikomp Ltd. on waste management and composting including the translation of a book from Hungarian into English (Professional Composting)
05. 1997 – 08. 1997 Translation of „Information Management” (Oxford Brookes University)
into Hungarian - Omegaglen Kft., Budapest

Computer skills

Reliable skills in:
? MS DOS, Norton, Windows and Windows NT
? Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
? Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer and electronic mailing

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Research and Publications 
Antal, O., Tóth, G. ? Vadovics, E. (2003): A magyar kormány zöld közbeszerzési és környezetbarát irodai tevékenysége. (The Hungarian Government’s Green Procurement and Green Office Activities) a study prepared for the Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water
Antal, Orsolya ? Vadovics, Edina (2005): Zöld iroda kézikönyv (Green Office Guide); KÖVET-INEM Hungária
Publications on environmental and sustainability management in various professional journals and newsletters (all in Hungarian), e.g.:
Vadovics, Edina (2002): ISO 14001 certified organisations in Hungary; BOKIK Kamarai Hírlevél, April 2002
Antal, Orsolya ? Vadovics, Edina (2002): The ACORN method (introducing EMSs in steps); Zölden és Nyereségesen Hírlevél (Green and Profitable Newsletter), spring-summer 2002
Vadovics, Edina (2002): ISO 14001 certified organisations in Hungary; Tranzit, June 2002
Vadovics, Edina (2002): ISO 14001 Speedometer; MISZ Hírlevél, December 2002
Vadovics, Edina (2003): The state of EMS in Hungary; Tolnai Kamara, February 2003
Antal, Orsolya ? Vadovics, Edina (2003): The Green Office: Furniture; Irodabútor, Autumn 2003
Vadovics, Edina (2004): Ants, Galilei, Gandhi and corporate sustainability management; Zölden és Nyereségesen Hírlevél (Green and Profitable Newsletter), Winter 2004

Conference presentation

Public Procurement and Climate Change given at the Regional Climate Change Investment Conference organised by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) and the Canadian Embassy (Szentendre, November 2003)

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Teaching and Training Courses Delivered (examples)
In Hungary:
? Environmental and sustainability management (Budapest School of Management)
? Environmental Management Training and Workshop for SMEs 
? Environmental management, project management and tender writing skills for SMEs
? Environmental Awareness Raising, Management and Fundraising Opportunities for SMEs represented by Women
? Tailor-made training for companies on topics like environmental and sustainability management, environmental awareness raising, green office, etc. (e.g. NOVARTIS Inc., British American Tobacco, Crew Print Ltd.)
In Romania:
? “Green Office “ training and workshop for Romanian SMEs 
? “Eco-design and marketing” training and workshop for SMEs 

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NGO and voluntary experience
06. 2005. -  founder and president of GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association
04. 1998 Participating in the organisation of an international conference - 
Women for Peace (IFOR), Budapest 
1998 Voluntary helper for three months at Schumacher College (see notes on page 1)
1994 - 1998 Leader in summer camps organised for children/teenagers and folk-musicians    (Bokorliget Foundation)
? The emphasis in these camps was placed on environmental-friendly living and ecology.
? This voluntary work included writing successful applications for financial assistance.
1996 Worker on an organic farm for 3 months in Herefordshire, UK (Frome Organic Growers)
1992 Voluntary helper for 4 months at an organic farm in Visnyeszéplak, Hungary
1990 - 1991  Coordinator of international voluntary building projects

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I have had a category B driving licence since 1993.

last updated: March 5, 2006