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I was born 27 years ago in a relatively small but really beatiful Bulgarian town called Veliko Tarnovo. Since then nothing terribly exciting - I spent my childhood living with my grandparents in a small village and these were the happiest years one could imagine :-)). Then right after I turned 6 I started school and moved to the town; 12 years later I continued studies in a university in Sofia and here I am in Budapest in my (already!) 10-th month as a student at the Central European University.

In my spare time (although since I came here I haven't got any but I still remeber there was such a thing ;-)) I most of all love going to the cinema; I find it magnificent to be in the big hall, then lights go off and you just find yourself in another Universe. I find reading books also lovely, especially if written by Agatha Christie (yes, I've read all her books and find them really exciting!!!). But I don't only read crimes and mystery - I love Paulo Coelho, Dostoevskij, Steinback and many other authors who I cannot think of right now ;-)). Reading brings me comfort and joy; I especially love it
when it is raining outside to just sit in an armchair at home, wrapped up in a warm blanket - I could spend hours reading ;-)). Well, I also like sports - hiking and playing tennis, as well as going to fitness but I've been just too lazy lately to do either ;-)).  Instead, I have recently found out that cooking is realxing; however, it not a very bright idea to do it too often ;-0. Besides, I don't enjoy cooking for myself only.

Well, what else should I add? Long lazy mornings over a cup of cappucino and some cookies (yeah, I wish I weren't that fond of chokolate ;-)), as well as quiet dinners preferably at candle light with a glass of wine (or two ;-)).  And I could add at least a hundred of other things like meeting my friends and having embarassingly long chats over a beer and French fries ;-)). Oh, yes, travelling is also exciting - I love visiting places I've never been to and my 'to visit' list is still veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long ;-)).