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Research Experience

  • •    Since february 2005: associate researcher at AnA ( Ana Society for Feminsit analyses). Project : “An Integrated Approach to Gender Balanced Political Empowerment and Participation” (sponsored by UNDP Romania) - June 2005: (main-author) AnA Research Report for UNDP: “How do state institutions use mass-media to approach gender equality issues”
    •    Since June 2003: researcher at Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Political Science (CASP) of the Romanian Society of Political Science. Projects:
    •    Starting Jan 2005  - Romanian Local Elites: co-coordinator, national survey on local political elites.
    •    2003- 2005 EurElite. Main tasks: data bases and quantitative analyses responsible, contribution for the institute’s reports.
    •    September 2003 – April 2004: associate researcher at SAR (Romanian Academic Society). Projects:
    •    Integrating the Balkans into the European Union (IBEU) – main tasks: data base manipulation and statistical analyses
    •    Conditionality, Corruption and Informal institutions – main task: in depth interviews with members of the Romanian Parliament (20 interviews)
    •    Opinion survey data analyst;
    •    October- December 2002: research assistant at SAR (Romanian Academic Society) - implied in a national survey project on the implementation stage of the Law of Free Access to Public Information and administration accountability
    •    May-august 2002: research assistant at Multiproduction Media Group- working with SPSS on a data base containing a national opinion survey
    •    September- December 2001: research assistant at The Romanian Institute for Recent History
    •    March – may 2001: interviews operator for MIR – Information's and Resources Management

Recent Projects
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