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  This is me!       Hello people,

 My name is Anca Popa and I study at Central European University (Department of Nationalism Studies). I come from Romania, more precisely from a beautiful Transylvanian town called Brasov (Brasso-in Hungarian, and Kronstadt in German). My interests range from issues of minority protection and debates about autonomy to international conflict resolution and powerful nationalistic symbols employed by political entrepreneurs.  

  My BA thesis (at the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Political Science-English section) was named: "A Nation within Three States. Hungary's Foreign Policy Regarding Hungarians in Romania and Slovakia", and, as the name suggests, it was a comparative perspective which tackled some of the issues listed above. Currently, I am preparing my MA thesis which is aimed at revealing the impact the agreements of the political elites in Hungary and Romania had on the public opinion's perceptions about minorities in both countries, after 1989.

  By the time the thesis will be submitted, I attend some of the courses provided by the Department of Nationalism Studies and some others at other departments, including Hungarian classes, and....I have a very nice time in Budapest with my colleagues and friends. Therefore, you can find out more about these and many other things by checking this webpage. Enjoy!


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