Welcome to the Story of One Englishboy's Search for Greater Knowledge of Computers and Bigger Balls.

If you cannot handle the intrigue further, read on........



One fine day I decided to take a web design course as I realised I was impressing no-one with my half-assed usage of Microsoft Word and rather retarded attempts to pass statistics courses.  I thought if I could design a coolio website with some highly rib-tickling anecdotes and general English sarcasm then I might make some friends and influence people and maybe pull occassionally.  So this is my attempt, if you don't like it, go look at someone else's site and jack off to that instead.  By the way, I enclose a picture of me before my extensive fitness programme.
Below are links to various exciting pages, including the Budapester on which I hope to put incriminating evidence of those I had considered friends before they took the piss out of my flowing golden hair.

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