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    Hi, stranger! I appreciate that you visited my web-site, I really do. Well, you know, this is my first web-site, and do not really know what it should be about. So, you will find here little bit of this and little bit of that, just one more boring personal web-site.
    Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry for that. Anyway, it is not too late to do it right now: my name is Oleksandra (short name is Sasha) Sytnyk, I am studying at CEU Legal Studies Department. I am Ukrainian citizen, my mother tongue is Ukrainian, my home city is Kyiv. These are the most essential facts of my life. If you want to learn more about me just visit
My CV page (which I will develope someday).
    Having said this, I return to describing my web-site. It took me a long time (about 30 min.) to elaborate the structure of this site. Finally, I decided to include pages you see in the Menu in the left side of this page.

    In Pictures page you (oops!…) will not find MY pictures, i.e. photos of myself. Let my appearance remain mystery to you. However, on Pictures page you will find some images of my home city, other Ukrainian cities and sights worth being seen.
Articles page you will something really boring: my thesis and a number of my other research papers. If you want to get bored, please visit Articles page. If not – do not visit it.

    OK, now you are equipped with necessary knowledge and can explore my site. Please, go to the Menu in the left column of this page and click the link you are interested in. Do not expect to have much fun while browsing through my web-site, remember that it is my first try.

    P.S. You want to ask what does that green-and-white picture represent? Even if you don't, here is the answer: this is a chestnut in blossom. Chestnut is an emblem of Kyiv, we have plenty of those trees all over the city. In May they flood the city with rose and white ....
Well, you will find out more about chestnuts and Kyiv on Pictures page.
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