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You might wonder why the background of this page is still filled with hearths. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Although, Saint Vallentine day is gone, love still plays an important role in my live. This is why I just decided to remove the pink color and to turn it into grayscale.
Welcome to my personal home page!

I decided to create it as a part of the very interesting web page creation course that CEU offers to its students. Here, I will try to provide some information about me, my interests, studies, etc. I hope you will enjoy it from the beginning to the end!
So let me first introduce miself. My name is Nikolay Angelov. Currently, I am in enrolled as a second year student in the M.A. in Economics porgramme of the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Some of you might be curious to see my outlook. Here is a recent picture of me.That is me: Nikolay
My name most probably reveals my country of origin - Bulgaria. It is a small and very beautiful country in the middle of the Balkan peninsula. It has both picturescue mountains and attractive sea-side, but also valleys. I live in Varna, the third largest city in Bulgaria, frequently referred to as the sea capital. It is the center of the North Black sea coast and is surrounded by several resorts and tourists villages. Varna has a very nice sea garden, where I enjoy to ride my bicycle, an old cathedral church and many interesting bars and disco clubs.
My main interests are in the following fields:

  • banking and finance;
  • economics;
  • cars and rally driving;
  • badminton;
You can find more about all of them by exploring the other pages of this web-site as well as by visiting my favourite links.

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