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I am a CEU student, studying Gender and Culture in Budapest. I have been living in Budapest for 5 months already and it is really fantastic. The more I live here, the more I like Hungary and  its people. The first thing that attracts you when you are here is that this is the country between the west and east, the country combining features from many different cultures: the legasy from turkish invasion and gothic past, soviet times and national culture.

Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world. When you walk around its streets you feel as the stones tell you the stories of the past and may be you are the part of its fiture stories.

MA study here is rather a frustrating one, it seems all is done here to make you fail.  And the only thing that makes you struggle till the end is that the new speciality will bring you new persectives to your future. You can visit the website of the university where I study here.

Despite all the troubles with your study however, you can find many new friends here and that is what it is worth coming to Budapest for. New friends, new opportunities and new knowledge is what study in Budapest offers you. You will never regret that you came here.

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