Go away!!!!!!
This is my personal website so there is nothing interesting on it!

Funny Pics

Dear Guest,

This is my personal website. It is an assignment for a web design class so it won’t be good and you will probably find nothing interesting here…
Still for the ones who know me check out my latest pictures with Chiquita and Abigail and some of the funny stuff we keep sending each other via e-mail.


I would like to thank CEU for the opportunity of increasing the number of stupid sites on the net with my personal one – my gratitude is forever lasting!!!! 

Also I have to mention I am currently a student at CEU – so don’t think that this is something you can all do = it is not FREE!!!!! I am currently leaving in Budapest – GREAT CITY by the way come and visit it when you have time but be aware most things are over advertised so for example when you go to Godolo don’t expect Versailles because you will definitely not find it. My opinion: nice scenery but no castle!!! (about Godolo)