Fida Palestine

yess, those are my people and I am definately one of them, 

I realize that no great things to happen anytime soon to really talk about...One way to get past these times is to ask myself, ‘What could I do?’ a list of short answers becomes apparent. Then I pick one and go for it. This is how I get unstuck.  After all, we gain clarity about what matters most to us!

As for the moment, let me be self-centered and introduce myself. Regardless of the outcome,
I like to kick the crazy style... at least you’ll know:

Who am I?
What matters to me?
Can I have your attention?
Who is GenX?

How to e-mail a smile?

Mostimportantly, Let's take a closer  look at Palestine!
Pretty, ahh, do u want a bet? well, you have to live it to get it. Specificaly, in the world of mine. I cannot draw something out itself and escape its own textually. In the Holy Land, I crossed many checkpoints, climbed on fences, and hiked up dirt piles and hills and changed cabs several times. The impossibility is combined with more or less the impatience. I felt the barrier, the fence, the divider and the wall.
Don't get me wrong. I can't breath there. Yet, inspite of the misery, I  PALESTINE for may be NO reason and that suits me just fine.

Go free dear! 

how long would it take?

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