I have never been abroad for so long time in my entire life. When I came to CEU I thought that time will go very slowly and I will count days here to go back h ome. However when the first two months passed and I met here a lot of people speaking different languages, having different veiws but being really nice and interesting to speak to time started to go faster and faster.
The department I study at is really divers and multicultural. Students come all over the world to share their experiance and to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of LAW.
It is interesting not only to study but to have an opportunity to work here in Hungary. Thus you feel yourself really being in Hungary. Otherwise it is as if you are on the separate planet where you hear 100 languages, 1000 opinions and lots of invitations to visit people around the world when we all are back home in several months.
I am doing an internship in one of the NGO's in Budapest and really enjoy it very much. This is something else! You feel like you also can apply what you learnt and can even help some people through it.
When I have free time I go to some gathering  that our department students like to set very often. This is a kind of time to forget about papers and thick books and to get to know people you are studying with better.
There are a lot of different events that take place here at CEU. You can go to the concert, to listen to the lecture, to participate in a round table discussion, to make a presentation, to watch the movie and many many various things.

What I  like the best in CEU is that you never know whom you will meet tomorrow:)

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